Dantes Bop

Dantes Bop


If you enjoy the pure, energetic sound of early Country and Rock & Roll, give a listen to Dante's Bop. The band has a Rootsy, Americana type of sound. Their last two albums were recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. The Midwest based, the band has one foot in Wisconsin and the other in Memphis.


The group was formed in 1997. Originally, it was a 3 piece Jazz/Pop group. With the addition of Nora Wolff on guitar and vocals in 2002, the band started a move towards a more country influenced format. For the first album recorded at Sun Studios, Jerry and Nora began collaborating on original material in earnest. The songs on the first Sun album were composed in the style of the early Sun artists, like Johnny Cash and Elvis. The second album recorded at Sun in October of 2006, expanded on this style and added some Gospel and rock influences to the mix.

The band works very hard at selecting cover songs by classic artists that fit the band's style. During live performances, there is lots of interplay between the band members and the audience. The goal is to make the audience feel as if they are in an intimate setting and the band is performing for them No flash pods, strobe lights, smashing guitars, or dance moves. Just four musicians performing classic and original songs for the enjoyment of the listeners.

If you had to identify one thing that sets Dante's Bop apart from other bands in their genre, is the quality of the original compostions. The emphasis is on timeless lyrics that tell a story or set a mood, but are not the "bumper sticker" type of material you so often hear on the radio. It is not unusual for an audience member to state that they are sure they heard a particular song before and want to know the artist. They are pleasantly surprised when they learn that is an original song by the band.

The goal of Dante's Bop is to continue to write and perform their own material as well as selected cover's by classic artists. Many musicians focus on the Marquee gigs they have played or how much money they made. With Dante's Bop it is all about our music as our legacy. The music tells the story.


Sample MP3's of all songs are available on our web site. www.dantesbop.com

"Somewhere Down The Road"
Recorded in October 2006 at Sun Studio's in
Memphis, Tennessee
A mix of Country, Gospel, and ROck and Roll, with
a layer of that Memphis sound throughout.

"Brand New Day"
Recorded in July 2005 at Sun Studio's in
Memphis, Tennesee
A group of songs composed in the style of the
early Sun artists.

"Dante's Corral"
Recorded in Winter of 2004
Songs in the Texas Swing style of Hank Garland,
Les Paul, and Hank Williams.

"Jazzed Up On Java"
Recorded in Winter 2003
A mixture of Jazz standards and original

Set List

Sets lists do vary depending uipon the venue. For supper clubs, the band leans more heavily on the Jazz and Pop standards in ouy repertiore.

At outoor festivals and roadhouses, more of the Country and Rock and Roll is favored.

All set lists feature some number of original compositions, depending upon the target audience.

Sets are generally 1 hour in length. Performances range from 2 to 4 sets each.

A typical set mixes Sinatra, Bacharach, Coltrane, Monk, Cash, Elvis, Van Morrison, Patsy Cline, and original compositions depending upon the venue.

Here is a set form a recent Festival performance. You will note that is is heavier on the eraly Country, and original compositions.

1) Brand New Day Dante's Bop
2) Girls Night Out Dante's Bop
3) Passionate Kisses Mary Chapin Carpenter
4) Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
5) Move It On Over Hank Williams
6) Son Of A Preacher Man Dusty Springfield
7) Little Bla