Dan Thies

Dan Thies

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I am a smooth relaxed musician that puts a lot of my heart into my music. I have been likened vocally to Dispatch and Jason Mraz, but am also artistically much more like a one man band similar to Howie Day. I use the loop pedal live and can go from acoustic folk to fast singing hip hop stat.


Perhaps the best place to begin would be what sets me apart. Hands down I believe it is my message. The music industry is looking for a real normal down to earth person that cares about the soul and seeks with every breath to reconnect to it both lyrically and musically. Every song I write is a doorway into a reality that exists in the human heart. I seek truth in all things, and try and communicate it with the places I've been, the people I've met, and the things I have seen. I am never in your face, or preachy, but my aim is to ask the hard questions while at the same time be completely approachable and exciting to listen to. Growing up in Montana, I started playing when I was 17, then went to college and was part of the underground college music scene. Hopping from bars to garages and back again, I have just recently began developing a style all my own that engages and excites those people who hear it. I have a quick wit and a smooth presence on stage, but am generally a soft spoken country boy that lives for the outdoors. I might sound a bit heady or dull in writing, but I assure you that is not the case. I am as new as it gets, but you will know my name soon. Check me out on youtube for some samples of me live (Dan Thies music).


My Child

Written By: Dan

Yes you dash your foot upon a stone
Now your disappointment in yourself is starting to grow
And the questions of your worthiness
In my mercy I will bless don't fear
I am here

You are loved my child forevermore
I've been fighting right beside you in this war for your soul
You are loved my child forevermore
Believe in yourself for me
You're exactly who I made you to be

Evil temps you with anger and cuts you down with fear
It challenges your weaknesses till you can't feel
All the life that I've breathed in you
But fear not I have paid for you with love
My precious blood

Oh and I know you don't feel worthy of me
Though the distances seem far away
I'm right beside you through the day
You're beautiful beyond your dreams


Because I have spent a large part of my time developing a repertoire, I have yet to be able to produce at the level that I want to. Due to my wallet being thin and my geographic location being far from any recording professionals, I have not been able to conjure up the studio time I need to show what I am capable of. What you do see on the page are three or four songs that were recorded in a couple days with no professional help and little equipment. However, I was featured twice on a compilation CD called "From Montana With Love" that sold 1000 discs in two weeks as a benefit for the Tsunami relief fund. It featured all artists that were Carroll College students or alumni. If you would like to see more, check out Dan Thies music on youtube. That being said, recording is in my future and I can't wait to show you what I can do!

Set List

My sets vary but normally do not last longer than an hour. I start with a good beat that people can nod their heads to, mellow in the middle like twinkies, then bring down the house at the end, normally with a Jesse's Girl/Beautiful Day medley or something of the sort. But my bulk is original, with a few covers to get the crowd riled up.