Dan Treanor

Dan Treanor


Stripped down blues with an African feel that touches on a raunchy, bare bones, Mississippi hill country style. Soulful vocals, smokin' guitar, wailing harp, and African string instruments.


Veteran bluesman Dan Treanor has been entertaining and thrilling audiences for over thirty five years. Dan has played his unique style of blues all over the world. At times in his career he has played with Son Seals, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, Louisiana Red, Jimmy Carl Black, Frankie Lee and the list goes on and on. Today Dan is considered one of the top blues harp players in the business and has been a Hohner Harmonica endorsee for the last twelve years. Dan also plays guitar, dobro, banjo, bass, keyboards and cane flute.

Several years back Dan began to hand build African string instruments for his Blues In The Schools presentations and they quickly made their way into his live show. A new and exciting style of music began to blossom into the sound that Dan makes today. Afro beats, African string instruments, Delta Blues grooves, lots of harp and guitar and soulful vocals.

Dan's 2004 release on Northern Blues -" African Wind" - received high critical acclaim. Legendary soul vocalist Frankie Lee added his magic to this project. The title song, "African Wind", made it to the finals of the ISC. It was also nominated for Blues CD of the year by the Independent Music Awards.

Dan's last two CD releases - "Mercy" (2006)and "Brothers, Blood and Bone" (2007)
also recieved high critical praise.
"Mercy" also received a nomination for blues CD of the year by the IMA.

Dan is joined by veteran bluesman Randall Dubis. Randall spent several years touring with Sonny Rhoades and is a soulful vocalist and smokin' guitar player. With Dan's Khalam, 'Afrosippi' grooves and wailin' harp, they team up with a great rhythm section - Jodie Woodward on bass and Kyle Roberts on drums and percussion to take a journey through a blues landscape seldom traveled by other artists. Dan Treanor and the band are at the forefront of a revoluation in the blues that honors the past but seeks to step outside the box of tradition to give the music a new sense of direction and style. 'Afrosippi Blues'.

American Blues, African rhythms, world beats, Dan Treanor and The Afrosippi Blues Band are here to serve you up a smokin' plate of the real deal.



Written By: Dan Treanor

Oooo my my brother

Going down the road
To my favorite fishing hole
Take my baby with me, she's right by my side

Can't you feel it brother
It's blowing all around me
Feels so sweet that African Wind

Gona' catch me a catfish
Fry em' up good
I got the best bait you all in the whole neighborhood

Can't you feel it brother
It's blowing all around me
Feels so sweet that African Wind

Going down the road, got my cane pole
Got good bait for my favorite fishing hole
Take my baby with me, she's right by my side
Got a little picnic to keep us satisfied

So sweet

Catch me a catfish, fry him up good
Got the best bait in the whole neighborhood
All the little childrens come from miles around
Want to see the man with the golden crown

So sweet

Back in the old days, long time ago
I use to dance in the minstral show
But now that I'm older, legs got slow
So I spend all day at my favorite fishing hole

So sweet the African Wind
So sweet the African Wind
So sweet the African Wind


African Wind - NorthernBlues (2004)
Mercy- Plan-It Records (2006)
Brothers, Blood and Bone - Plan-It Records (2007)

Cuts from "African Wind" are currently receiving airplay all over the world. It is in Sirius and XM rotation as well as the listening stations in all Border Books. It is also carried by Amazon. Cuts from 'African Wind', and 'Mercy' can also heard on CD Baby.

Set List

Mostly original. A typical set will be 1 hour or a bit more.
We do several songs from our CDs
Tumblin Blues
3 O'clock In The Morning
Rock Me
Mississippi Fred's Dream
Field Hollar No.1

We do some covers by Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Little Walter, John Lee Hooker, Paul Butterfield, Lazy Lester, BB King, Slim Harpo, Chuck Berry, etc.