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Dan Tremblay

Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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Shores of Ecstasy
Save You
Stand and Deliver
I Will Not Break
Sarah's Song
Sarah Growing Up



Dan Tremblay is the son of a military father and a piano teaching mother. As a result of his father's work, Dan found himself moving from city to city, from small military bases, to large American cities. This sense of struggling to belong would eventually find its way into his songs. His early introductions to music came from sitting beside his mother while she played the organ during church services. Completely fascinated with these strange sounds, the musical seed was planted. In an ever changing world of new faces and odd buildings, he found comfort in the freedom he felt from playing the piano. His mother had long been a music instructor, and found her newest student, only 6 at the time, to be very responsive to the polyphonic possibilities of the piano. He thrived from this early age, and stayed committed to learning this instrument, even as his older brother and sister had abandoned it. Feeding this fascination, he was soon introduced to the wide world of Rock n' Roll.

Fast forward to 1985, and picture yourself surrounded by screaming fans, standing on their chairs, fists in the air, completely oblivious to the pouring rain. It was an outdoor show in Philadelphia, and was the year that Bryan Adams broke internationally with his hit album, Reckless. Dan stood, fixated, as Bryan worked the crowd with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Little did he realize that he would go on to meet Bryan 13 years later on the day of his 21st birthday (do you believe in Fate?).

Fascination quickly gave way to obsession in the coming years, as Dan committed himself to studying music. His parents rewarded their youngest with his first electronic keyboard when he had just begun high school. In only a short period, he found himself perfectly at ease with producing completed instrumental songs using his new instrument and his parents' computer (Mac, of course). He turned more and more to this strange, electronic world, to find ways of expressing himself through music. These compositions quickly gave way to pop songs, a strange, yet profound mutation. Lyrically, the songs were quite serious in nature, ranging in topics from apartheid to the assassination of JFK. Many were surprised to hear such serious content from someone who was only 18 years old. He continued his musical explorations, dabbling with electric and acoustic guitar, and completed his first full length CD a short while later. Using his sequencer and a 4-track recorder, he layered track upon track, even adding some rough guitar overdubs in places. Vocally, it was an honest effort, but with no effects added and out of range at times, the results were mixed. It would mark however, the beginning of a journey committed to excellence, coupled with an obsessiveness to dedicate his life to music.

Sadly, tragedy struck only a few years later in 1998, when Dan's father succumbed to cancer. It marked a tumultuous time for Dan, moving across Canada a couple of times in a struggle to find meaning in his life. His prayers were answered a short time later, when in 1999, after relocating to Ottawa, he met a beautiful woman, Cheryl, who would eventually become his wife. He describes her as his soul mate, the most giving and passionate person he has ever met in his life. He truly believes that he would be nothing without the love, support and encouragement she gives to him everyday.

In the years that followed, Dan supported himself by working at a local CD store, as well as teaching piano privately in his mother's fashion. Moving from one band to the next, he would enjoy a brief stint with Ottawa band, Nostalgia, with fellow musicians and friends Darren Gray, Steve Meating, and Rahim Sunderji. This newly formed venture would go on to yield one of his strongest songs yet, Stand and Deliver. This song, along with 2 others, Release Me and Wash Away found there way to a demo recording released in 2001. Nostalgia played a handful of gigs in the National Capital, only to sputter out a short time later over creative differences. Dan had found himself as a solo artist once again, and fully immersed himself into his own music.

Electric, a 3 song EP was released in 2005, and included the title track as well as 2 others, Shores of Ecstasy and Save You. It was recorded at Raven Street Studios at the behest of studio owner Breen Murray, who was genuinely moved after an initial listening of a rough cut of the songs. Written, arranged and produced by Dan Tremblay, and engineered by Marty Sobb, the songs exhibit a more mature and melodic nature. The brilliant artwork design by local graphic designer Kris Maxwell gives the CD an even broader appeal.

Influences? There are almost too many to mention. If you ask anyone who knows Dan to name his number one influence, they will without hesitation say "Sting", in such a manner that they were astounded you even asked. Sting's rich melodies, layered v