Dan Vaillancourt

Dan Vaillancourt

 Midland, Michigan, USA

Dan Vaillancourt has been called a virtuosic guitar player, natural storyteller and an eclectic original & iconic wordsmith. He has written hundreds of songs, performed his 'funktified folk' at many hundreds of venues in 40 states & has been heard on hundreds of radio stations worldwide.


"...Truly one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today." - Bob Gottlieb, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"...a man who knows how to make his guitar do anything he wants." - Craig Clarke, Greenman Reviews

"...The most talented musician/performer I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch!" - Linda Z. Smith, Founder of The Creative Spirit Center in Midland, MI

"It is a shame a major label has not pick him up yet..." - John Hardy, WYCE Music Journal

"Words are all so very important but Dan has the music within him to carry his stories. Humor and heart are hard to find in such abundance." - Trish Lewis, WUCX-FM Producer and Host of The Eclectic Chair


Michigan singer-songwriter Dan Vaillancourt is a traveler, avid songwriter, storyteller, teacher, father, and multi-instrumentalist, but his friends will tell you that he’s still a dork. He has performed hundreds of concerts in forty states, been played on the radio in all fifty states and beyond, and is always writing new songs.

Part worldly troubadour, part down-home Midwesterner, Dan's conversational voice is warm and resonant, lending simplicity to his well-crafted lyrics. With an eclectic list of influences and hundreds of songs to his credit, Dan has been compared to such diverse talent as Shawn Mullins, Todd Snider, Paul Simon, and Joe Henry.

His rhythmic acoustic guitar, improvisational dexterity, and storytelling contribute to his style, which has been coined Funktified Folk. Critics refer to him as "a man who knows how to make his guitar do anything he wants..." (Craig Clarke, Greenman Reviews) and "one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today" (Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange).

Melodic Snapshots and Lovely Distractions, two of Dan's recent critically acclaimed albums, have been added to the playlists of hundreds of radio stations and have landed on many stations’ CMJ Top 30 radio charts, as well as being featured on several nationally syndicated radio programs, including Acoustic Cafe and Coast to Coast AM.

Several of his songs have been featured on CD compilations, with a total distribution of nearly 20,000 copies. Dan’s songs are personal, brought to life with the help of friends and studio musicians as well as award-winning engineers including Richard Dodd, Ric Hordinski, Rick Armstrong, and Randy LeRoy.

Ever prolific, Dan never seems to sit still. He writes many new songs each year, many as part of songwriting challenges, such as February Album Writing Month. He spends much of his time chasing around his two young children and is focusing on more local performances at his favorite festivals, house concerts, and concert series. He continues a two-decade long passion of teaching music.

Teaching, writing, performing, traveling, and being a father keeps Dan’s creativity honed and his skills sharp. He always has a new song to write and a compelling story to tell.



Wandering Blue Eyes

Written By: Daniel L. Vaillancourt

She sits in a café corner, reading books and writing letters
Seems like I see her most ever day
I see hope in her bright green eyes, they’re not fading fast
Despite what others might say
But every 25 maybe 30 minutes or more she’ll take a sip of her coffee
Long since cold

She drinks her coffee black, like the rings around her eyes
She stays up all night, writing her journals and her poetry
For them to find when she dies (When she dies)

Wonderfully perplexed I stare across the room, she writes another line
I wonder what’s in her head
So I sit and stare (So I sit and stare)

She glances my way and I was sure to shift my eyes
To the brushstrokes of the painting
Over her head (Hanging over our heads)

The usually quiet girl, well she slides into a smile
And by her pen I’m immortalized
As the wandering blue eyes (Wandering Blue Eyes)

She flips a page in her journal and she begins to write...
I saw the blue-eyed boy today; he looked my way across the café
Seems like I see him most every day
The blue eyes boy... he always sits to face the door
He likes to see the people......... as they come inside...
With his wandering blue eyes.

And every 25 maybe 30 minutes or more he’ll take a sip of his coffee

Give Up

Written By: Daniel L. Vaillancourt

Maybe I should give up
Tell the kids not to follow their dreams
Dreams never amount to much

Maybe I should shine my shoes
Put on a business suit
Polish up my resume

But I don’t want to be
Someone who always seems to say the same things like
I wish I would’ve when I could've but I didn’t
Thought I shouldn’t thought I couldn’t
So I didn’t but I wish I would’ve... you know I could’ve
But now I’m just grown old

Verse 2
People give me advice
Tell what I should do
Like “when are you going to grad school?”

"Get yourself a nicer car."
"Buy yourself some fancy clothes."
"Get yourself a fat bank account."

Verse 3
I know life is tough
I got all these bills and such
I got holes in my jeans

But I this old guitar
Got myself these simple words
All I can give you is a song

Normandy & The Nurse's Salute

Written By: Dan Vaillancourt

Normandy & The Nurse's Salute

Normandy. She is braver than me
She seen more beds in hospitals that a child should ever see
Jokingly... she said soon she'll be bald like me
Her sense of humor gets her through chemotherapy
She always makes the nurses laugh and she sticks out her tongue
They all have funny stories about what Normandy has done

Another day. Another victory... in the battle for Normandy's
Life against an invisible enemy
She made it to another birth day. She turned 13
That 6th of June was a Delightful Day
Another Day another Victory. A Victory for Normandy
Against the odds she made it to see 13

Normandy has seen things that she should never see
All her friends around her are sick or dying
Sometimes she calls for her mother in the middle of the night
But the bad dreams don't go away when she turns out the light
She's made a lot of friends. She always tries to make them laugh.
Some of them got better and some of them have passed

Normandy's nickname is the general
She calls the doctors her allies and the nurses her troops
To Normandy, all the nurses they salute
The little things that get her through the day
Doctors said she wouldn't make it to see 18
But on her 18th birthday, she came to visit and say...
“Another Day! Another victory! Another victory for me!
You said I would never see 18!” She stuck out her tongue and yelled..
“Oh yeah, Here I am... I'm 18... Look at me!”
“Another Day! Another victory! You said I would never see 18!”
So she stuck out here tongue and said, “Well Look at me!”

(c) & (p) 2008 Daniel L. Vaillancourt (ASCAP)


Dan Vaillancourt - Self-Titled (2000)
Dan Vaillancourt - Live & Funktified (2003)
Dan Vaillancourt - Melodic Snapshots (2005)
Dan Vaillancourt - Songs and Stories from the Road (2007)
Dan Vaillancourt - Lovely Distractions (2008)
Dan Vaillancourt - Tunes and Tangents from The Lake Effect Tour (2011)
Dan Vaillancourt - When the Lights Come On (2013)

::Bootleg Series::
8.24.02 - Live in Ann Arbor, MI
6.17.03 - Live in Charlotte, NC
5.16.04 - Live in Chicago, IL
4.24.05 - Live in Chicago, IL
Odds & Ends - Various Dates
11.3.07 - Live @ Lemonjello's
FAWM 2008 - 14 Songs Written in Feb. 2008
26 Girls - 50/90 Songwriting Challenge 2008

::Compilations:: (Over 15,000 Copies total!)
Acoustic Rainbow CD Sampler Vol. 25 (2006)
Foghorn Records "Sounds Like Cafe" Compilation vol. 10 (2006)
20th Annual Brewhouse Triathlon Festival Compilation CD (2006)
Mvyradio Fresh Produce Volume 2 (2006)
Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 2 (2006)
Acoustic Fuel 'Follow Your Dreams' (2007)
The Lost Art of Tape Trading Volume 1 (2009)
Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 4 (2010)
Almost Free Music Volume 3 (2011)

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