Dan Walker

Dan Walker


Dan's music has been flying forward since winning the Acoustic Blues Competition at the 2004 Telluride Blues and Brew Festival. Dan Walker infuses americana, funk, jazz, and the blues into his soulful originals.


With a voice as smooth as silk, a mean bottleneck slide and songwriting comparable to that of John Denver or Dave Matthews - what’s not to love? Dan “dDub” Walker brings all that and more when he steps onto the stage with his electric incarnation (Dan Walker and the Sky) or acoustic project (dDubSky).

More than just a man and his guitar, Walker writes songs of love and life- with compelling themes and stories wrapped around sophisticated progressions. Weaving intelligent lyrics through seamless rhythms comes naturally for this singer/songwriter who pens songs with depth, emotion, and honest feelings to which any audience could relate.
It doesn’t stop there for the Texas native. With every step along his path, he has picked up a new flavor for his music. While attending college in New Orleans, he picked up the funk and zest for life that inevitably seeps into the souls of those who live there. He pulls a slice of Americana from his time growing up in Texas. With a move to Denver in 2004, one can hear a respect for nature’s wonders incorporate itself into Walker’s songwriting.

This songwriting is just one aspect of Walker’s talent. Playing both solo and with a band presents a unique opportunity for Walker to showcase his many abilities. When sharing the stage with a rotating cast of musicians, dDub’s improvisational skills shine. When sharing the stage with only his instruments, Walker is a whole new monster. Playing on a loop on many songs, Walker builds his “dDubSky” show around solid acoustic guitar rhythms. He keeps the loop underneath, adding harmonica, vocals, lead guitar, and a host of other instruments.

His hard work and talent was rewarded when he won the Acoustic Blues Competition at the 2004 Telluride Blues and Brews Festival. He made a return performance in 2005, playing on Sunday’s Main Stage before Joan Osborne and Al Green.

Dan “dDub” Walker is a full-package musician. Between stellar musicianship and memorable song writing, Walker has found the winning combination; a combination that taps the feet and sways the body of his audiences bringing music lovers of all ages and genres together.


Night Owl

Written By: Dan Walker

night owl, i know you want to stay up
night owl, i know you want to stay up
theres so much left to do, it can't wait, its not too late,
i'm the moon i'm the moon watching over you

night owl, do you want to miss mornings touch
night owl, don't you want to feel my rush
i am light, i am heat, shine on everything you see
i am light, heat, make everything complete
i'm the sun, i'm the sun, here i come

tired eyes, they can lie to you,
make you feel, like closing down
and your dreams, they're lying in between
what is real, and what is now
keep your eyes open night owl

night owl, whos it gonna be
night owl, won't you come and see
are you a fool, are you blind, don't you know its time,
are you a fool, you know its time to rise
i'm the sun, i'm the sun, i'm the only one

night owl, can you feel me pulling you and the tide
night owl, we're old friends, you and i
when i'm full, i'll inspire your mind
and when i'm new, give you somewhere to hide
i'm the moon, and the moon, and the moon you will choose


Written By: Dan Walker

there was a hot dog the size of a man, and she walked right in,
floats past the broke down juke box, and the music begins
silver circles around her waist, talks with the funny faces she makes
i felt a whisper in my ear, when you take a break, bring it over here
cmon and take a chance on my love
take a chance on my love

she wants the best for me and i want the best for her
could it be, what we have is more than we derserve

lucky me, and lucky you
its out of our hands, theres nothing we can do
lets head across the border, wake up old man Bob
hes got the bottles in the back when its too late for the law
its a risky business, a rocky top, if i pop the lock, will you open up
take a chance on my love.. take a chance on my love...

she shakes her body and slips under a canopy of dreams,
where tomorrows dance with childhood memories,
i'll swing my soul to her rhythm and know that it will be
ready for forever, believe in me

lucky you, lucky lucky me
look up ahead, way far off, tell me what do you see
is it autumn rain
is it red and yellow leaves
if its getting cold outside, then come in and feel my heat
falling into you
lying next to me

Purple Sky

Written By: Dan Walker

Where did you go? I heard you talking about Colorado.
Where have you gone, did you run off to the mountains?

Don’t you know, that I’m still waiting,
When all my wells, they’re running dry
Walking across this desert, you get lonely sometimes

Take me down to the ocean, I see waves in your eyes
Put the wheels into motion, we’ll make it to the other side,
we’ll be underneath a Purple Sky

I’ve fallen down into this ditch, theres no way out that I can find
Won’t you reach on down, take my hand, and point me towards the sky
Come back, we’ll drive. We’ll drive all night across these hills
Until we’re out beyond the danger, out where everything is still

Don’t you know, I’m still praying, when all my words they’re running dry
Like silver clouds we will fly, but come or go, won’t you stay and
Watch the water melt the sunrise,

I can see the lightning crashing all around, feel the pouring rain coming down, all upon my head, but I know this storm will pass, I know its not our last, don’t you know its not our last

Don’t you know, I’m still waiting, like silver clouds we will fly, but stay or go, won’t you stay and watch the water melt the sunrise


Night Owl - full-length debut released April 2005

Mellowship - self-titled CD of former band 2003

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sets vary depending on length of show and additional players involved