Dan Weaver

Dan Weaver


Dan Weaver is a singer/songwriter from capital area Pennsylvania. He's been performing for a year and a half and has been building a niced size fanbase in that time. All of his songs are written with real emotion in them and this tends to connect with the audience well.


Dan Weaver is a singer/songwriter from the Capitol Area of Pennsylvania. His songs are written about real things he's experienced, generally relationship songs. Some may call it emo due to its emotional quality but regardless, its good music. His most evident influences are bands like Bright Eyes, The Good Life, Dashbaord Confessional, and Matt Nathanson but other bands including Queen, Fallout Boy, Iron and Wine, The Postal Service, and many others influence him. He performed his first solo show in January 2006 and since then has been building a group of dedicated fans.


Ash Street

Written By: Dan Weaver

Just you and I
Walking slow on Ash Street
Fie what they think of us,
Fie what they say of us
Fie everything.
Hold my hand, take my love, kiss my lips we're almost home.
Hold me close forevermore.
Say you love me now ... you're almost home.
I love the way you look tonight.
And I want to feel you here
by my side
I can't believe it's ten PM already.
I can't believe the sun's asleep,
14 hours, gone so fast.
We expose secrets as we open up our souls
so fie what they think of us and
Fie what they say of us
Fie everything.
I love the way you look
and I want to feel you here
by my side
Just you and I
Holding close on
Ash Street.


On April 14, 2006 Dan released a home recorded, low quality four song sampler which included the songs Who I Am, Change, Perfect, and Hard to Fly. During his show that day the 100 copies of the demo were gone within a half an hour of his set. He decided to rerecord this demo with higher quality and that result was released 7 days later on April 21st. It included 4 songs (Who I Am, Change, and Perfect) with Hard to Fly omitted. That demo was gone before his 30 minute set was even completed. In June Dan went in studio to record his first EP entitled The Queen Anne's Revenge which was released on August 21st 2006. 175 of 250 copies were sold during that show alone. Dan is now preparing to go in studio to record his first LP which is currently untitled. He is intending a late October release.

Set List

A typical Dan Weaver set lists includes a few of his 30-40 original songs and a lot of covers which occasionally gets the crowd singing. His covers include songs by John Mayer, Bright Eyes, The Good Life, Fallout Boy, Matchbox twenty, Prince, and many many others.