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Dan Webb

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"'Sandstorm' Album Review"

Psychedelic Melbourne songwriter, Dan Webb, has hit all the right notes with his first studio album. Filled with lush retrospective influences, Sandstorm is a thrilling, funky journey of vintage synth and musical exploration. - Xpress Magazine

"BMA Magazine Canberra Streetpress Features Dan Webb"

2013 is going to be the year of the song for DAN WEBB. The Melbourne singer-songwriter will be offering up one new track each month for free download to his fans as he prepares to launch his debut album later in the year.
The idea of releasing the 12 songs for free throughout the year occurred to Webb out of the blue one day. Having already decided to record demos to submit to producers to work on his album, Webb put together a band to start rehearsing. When they got going, he realised the recordings sounded good enough to release, albeit not as the final album.

‘It’s a chance to get some feedback from our fans and it’s also a chance to hype things up before the album comes out,’ Webb explains. ‘I need to get as much help as I can get, being an independent musician!’

Doesn’t seem like a bit of a double-up though, to be recording songs throughout the year and then also working on an album separately? I asked Webb if the free download tracks might appear on the album as well. ‘It’s sort of in the hands of the website, I guess. If the feedback is positive, then some of the songs will be re-recorded, but they’re sort of just a little preview of what I’m writing at the moment.’

Well, they certainly will provide a good snapshot of the music Webb is creating. The January song, Departure, features Kylie Auldist (The Bamboos) on co-vocals and is a rollicking keyboard-driven tune.

Webb is about to hit the road on his biggest national tour yet, but unlike his usual live shows, where things often get a little crazy, this time it’s a solo tour.

‘It should be a bit different this time. I’ll be behind my vintage keyboard and you can’t really rock out like I would with my band behind me,’ he admits. That said, there is still bound to be dancing, at least in the audience.

Fans can expect to hear a lot of Webb’s new stuff on the tour, and even some sneak previews of tracks that will be released in later months of the year. ‘I’ve just finished writing a bunch of songs, and I haven’t played a show in a couple of months now. It’s basically a whole new set list,’ Webb says. ‘It’ll be like a “best of” of what we’ve got going on at the moment.’

And as for making money? Well, Webb is a bit of a realist when it comes to actually drawing an income from his music. ‘I guess it would be nice to be a millionaire, but the reality is that people are going to probably download it for free anyway.’ True that. - BMA Magazine

"Australian national broadcaster triple j reviews 'Shadows of a Maniac'"

"Really enjoyable! Have listened multiple times on repeat and I'm still discovering new things I missed. I feel like the harmonies have moments of sounding Beatles inspired." - Veronica Milsom, triple j

“The horns sound great in this song – upbeat, spot on vocals too” – Rosie Beaton, triple j - triple j

"Dan Webb’s Monthly Song Impresses"

Dan Webb has done it again with “Shadows of a Maniac,” the second track released as part of his 12 Songs, 12 Months project.

This song is so unique. It’s funky and soulful with a psychedelic twist that I didn’t see coming. The Bamboos’ Kylie Auldist, who shared vocal duties on Dan’s January release “Departure” is on back-up duties this time around. The track also features The Cat Empire’s hornsmiths Keiran Conrau and Ari Farrar, driving beats from drummer Peter Marin, and some mean bass licks from Joshua Jones.

You can download this song, and enjoy all the music to come this year, at Dan Webb’s website. - Sounds of Oz

"Beat Magazine Feature Article on Dan Webb"

Dan Webb may be relatively new to the music industry machine but his innovative sounds – incorporating driving hat-laden rhythms, swelling horns, and an unusual vocal quality all built around a spine of unabashed electric piano – make for compelling listening. The young fan of some of funk and alternative’s greats is part-way through his biggest tour to date.

“We’re past the halfway mark now, but I’m really excited about the Melbourne show, and we’ve got Bobby Flynn and Kylie Auldist singing; The Cat Empire horn section; all of my new band from all the recordings that we’ve just recently done. Andrew Crosbie is going to be mixing as well,” he explains warmly. The names Webb reels off are just some of the talent he roped aboard to partake in the recording of 12 new tracks, each of which the songwriter will be releasing piecemeal across 2013. Webb admits the strategy was partly decided upon because the sale of recordings is where least of a musician’s income is generally generated, but there were other factors at work. “I also feel that some of my best work is yet to come, and I’m still working on new songs, and I’m not quite ready to release an album just yet,” he says. “These songs were originally intended to be demos to pitch to producers. So I’m still working towards an album, and I’d really like to work with a producer on those songs. So I guess part of the reason for releasing a song each month [is] not only does it showcase my songwriting – whereas an album might not so much, because people might only hear one or two singles – but also it gives the fans a chance, gives them a taste of what I’m working on at the moment, and if they like some of the songs then we’ll re-record those ones for the album.”

The hook-up with golden-voiced Bamboos singer Auldist was a heavenly match for Webb’s music, as one listen to first single Departure will attest: the vocals jam with Webb’s classic electric piano like a dream. “I think it was at the start of last year I was looking into the possibility of lining up a show at The Night Cat in Fitzroy. So I was sort of in the mood of doing some funk and soul covers, and I was going to start writing out horn charts and stuff over summer but I got a bit slack,” Webb laughs. “I started writing my own songs instead. I got in touch with Kylie through mutual friends, and we... ended up playing at St Kilda Festival, like an acoustic sort of show. I played keyboard for her, and she sang Departure, and we did some Bamboos songs, and things like that. It was quite fun.” After that little serendipitous performance Auldist came on board for the next stage of Webb’s plan: recording his new ideas.

Getting the rest of the notaries together for recording was slightly taxing. “We actually only had two days of pre-production leading up to recording the songs, and that’s just because Pete [Marin, drummer for Paul Kelly and Bertie Blackman] was in LA at the time, and I was getting a bit stressed out because I’d booked everything about a month in advance. [We were] running out of days before recording, and I [was] sort of worried if they were going to learn the songs or not. But those guys are all pro; they pick things up in a flash. I felt quite confident heading into the studio on the day. I’m really fortunate to be able to work with professionals like that.”

February’s single release, Shadows Of A Maniac, demonstrates Webb’s interest in experimenting with time signatures, a marvellous feature which really rewards the listener on repeated spins. The layered vocals during this part are very Beatles-esque and Webb credits his dad with having introduced the band to him at a young age. “They’re a massive influence,” he agrees. “One of my earliest memories was my dad playing Abbey Road on vinyl to me when I was quite young.” One of the keyboards in Webb’s well-stocked arsenal is, in fact, that played by John Lennon on I Am The Walrus. “Some of my favourites are my Wurlitzer, I think that’s 1968. It’s like 36 kilos, so it’s fun carrying that around to gigs! I’ve got a Farfisa, in the cupboard, that’s another ‘60s keyboard. And I recently acquired a Hohner: it’s quite similar to a clavinet, so a Stevie Wonder sort of sound.” That’s the Walrus one, for you fellow Beatles fans out there. “I’ve got keyboards lined up against the wall and across the floor.” - Beat

"Musician uses web to stand out from crowd"

In a changing and saturated industry, musicians need to do something a little different to get themselves noticed.

Enter Melbourne keyboardist Dan Webb.

Instead of producing a new album this year, he has decided to release a free download of a new song on his website on the first day of every month of 2013.

By releasing the songs in this way, some of which he has been working on since his 2010 EP Hyperspace Clearance, Webb hopes fans will give him feedback before he hits the studio to create a full-length album.

‘‘Not only is it a way of pitching the songs to a producer, but a way of also getting some feedback on the songs and showing people where I’m at with my ideas,’’ he says.

‘‘Since I’m going to be re-recording some of them for an album, these aren’t the finished product, just pointing people in the direction that I’m headed, giving them a taste of some ideas I’m playing around with.’’

As for making them free, Webb figures if people like the song, they will find a way to download the tracks without paying for them anyway.

‘‘I’m really happy with how they turned out, but I still consider some of the songs as demos, and I don’t want to be asking people to pay for demos.’’

So far only his track Departure has been released, featuring the vocals of The Bamboos frontwoman Kylie Auldist, but the response has already been positive.

‘‘I was checking the stats on the website and people are coming in from all over the place, New Zealand, Germany, America, Hungary. It’s a bit overwhelming, the response, really,’’ Webb says.

The musician has been playing the piano and keyboard since he was four years old.

When Webb, 23, first started playing professionally fresh out of high school, he felt he had to prove that a musician and a band could get by without a guitar and made his music loud and crazy as a result.
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‘‘Originally it was quite heavy music, it’s just evolved over time,’’ he says.

‘‘It’s a bit more mellow now.’’

But that doesn’t mean all his songs sound similar. Webb listens to a wide range of music, from Radiohead to Stevie Wonder, and says this, combined with constant experimenting, means no track turns out the same.

‘‘This month’s track is a funk/soul sort of thing, the next one is a rocky sort of track, going back to The Beatles sort of vibe, and the following month is going to have a reggae vibe.’’ - Illawarra Mercury

"Webb and Auldist: A Force To Be Reckoned With"

Dan Webb, or the “crazed keyboardist” as he’s sometimes called, has been sharing his rambunctious live performances the world over. This week, however, will see Webb and vivacious vocalist, Kylie Auldist, joining forces to wow the crowds of St Kilda Festival.

Before the pair hit the stage, LUNA got the chance to chat to Webb about his early love for music, his upcoming album and his collaboration with the fabulous Auldist.

Despite being the tender young age of 22, Webb has been perfecting his craft for over 17 years.

“When I was quite young I had this idea in my mind that I wanted to play trombone, and I don’t think my parents liked the idea of having that much noise in the house. So they said I could start another instrument.”

He laughs when recalling his initial musical desires, but continues on to note that it was the piano that really sparked his interest.

“I’ve always been drawn to piano and coming up with little riffs or song ideas, even from a young age. Although I didn’t really begin writing complete songs until year 12, not until quite recently.”

Since then Webb’s catalogue of songs has steadily increased.

With two EP’s fixed fast under his belt, the songsmith exclusively told LUNA about the plan of attack for his debut album.

“I actually haven’t told anyone yet. I’m working towards recording an album, hopefully towards the end of next year, so I guess this year I just wanna try out the new songs and see how they go with the audiences.”

As well as gaining acclaim for his stellar EP’s, he’s been making quite a name for himself for the erratic and enthusiastic use of his keyboard during live performances.

One of Webb’s most notable keyboard party tricks involves the maestro playing the instrument whilst behind his back, much like the famed Hendrix guitar manouvre.

“Originally I think I was trying to prove a point with my music that you don’t need guitars. So I was trying to go a bit crazy and give my shows a sort of ‘rock edge’ that you might experience at other rock shows.”

His music has become a testament to how underrated the keyboard is in modern alternative music.

Creating lively, boisterous and adventurous sounds with his favoured instrument he forms energetic compositions that sound entirely unique for the alternative genre.

UK audiences grew to love this distinct sound during Webb’s recent tour of the area.

“I think they really dug it. I was playing a few solo shows, which I hadn’t really had an opportunity to do in Australia so I really appreciated the opportunity to go there. I think they found it sort of refreshing, my sound, because the keyboard isn’t really commonly used in alternative music these days.”

Now back on Aussie shores, Webb is gearing up to play a more “stripped back and intimate” performance, with a little help from The Bamboos vocalist, Kylie Auldist.

“I was so amazed that (Kylie) said yes to the whole thing! It’s such a unique opportunity to perform with such an amazing vocalist like her.”

Meeting through mutual friends, Webb and the soulful songstress were originally planning on doing a couple of shows at The Night Cat in Fitzroy.

However, when Webb was confirmed as a part of the St Kilda Festival line-up, Auldist was just a natural addition to the set.

“We’ve just had the one rehearsal together so far, but judging by that it’s going to be quite a fine show. We’re doing a mix of originals and covers, with a few Bamboos songs in there. Because we’re not playing with the full band, we’ve stripped it back a bit; it’s just keyboard and vocals. It will be a lot of fun.”

Whilst the set list remains relatively secret before the pair hit the stage, Webb did mange to let one song slip.

“I will reveal we’re planning on doing a cover of ‘All I Wanna Do’ by Sheryl Crow.”

Between working on the album, collaborating with amazing Aussie talent such as Auldist and heading to New Zealand for a recently announced slot at the Newtown Festival, Dan Webb is set to have a lot on his plate for the remainder of the year.

However, he’s determined to just “take it as it comes.”

Dan Webb and Kylie Auldist play Republica on the 8th of Feb as a part of St Kilda Festival. - LUNA

"Dan Webb Announces First Single Featuring Kylie Auldist From 12 Songs, 12 Months & 2013 Tour"

Melbourne singer/songwriter Dan Webb is back with twelve brand new songs, each to be released individually for free download throughout 2013. The first track ‘Departure’ is out now and features the soulful vocal talents of the wonderful Bamboos front woman Kylie Auldist.

Webb’s unique release strategy of ‘12 songs, 12 months’ sprang to mind in September 2012 as he prepared to record demos to pitch to potential producers of his upcoming debut album. Within two months he had assembled, rehearsed and recorded nine songs with a new band comprising some of Melbourne’s most indemand session musicians.

Webb’s new recordings feature Peter Marin (Paul Kelly, Bertie Blackman) on drums, Josh Jones (Dan Sultan, Gossling) on bass and Kieran Conrau & Ari Farrar from The Cat Empire horn section.! His sound is hard to place into one specific genre, but is undeniably catchy, keyboard-driven alternative rock music. By ditching the electric guitars and hitting the keys, this maverick has given rock a delicious and original spin that is sure to excite a mass audience.

Previously having toured Australia, the UK and New Zealand in support of his 2010 sophomore EP “Hyperspace Clearance”, Webb is now set to embark on his biggest national tour to date.

Download ‘Departure’ for free during the month of January from: danwebbmusic.com - Tone Deaf


Sailing (EP) - Misdemeanor Records (October, 2015)
Sandstorm (Album) - Misdemeanor Records/MGM Distribution (May, 2014)
Hyperspace Clearance (EP) - Independent/MGM Distribution (September, 2010)
Capitulation (EP) - Independent (March, 2009)


Feeling a bit camera shy


DAN WEBB IS BACK with a fresh new sound, a brand new band and a new eclectic EP out October 2nd.

Titled ‘Sailing’, this 4 track release is a taste of what you can
expect to hear on his forthcoming second album, which is currently in

The prolific singer-songwriter and producer has in recent years toured 3 continents, formed 2 record labels, released 2 EPs as well as his critically-acclaimed 2014 debut album ‘Sandstorm’. Not at all content to rest on his laurels, the Melbourne native has spent time away from live music performance to develop and refine a new sound which he dubs “detuned psychedelic post-punk disco.”

Webb has travelled a long way since his last release – in a physical, psychological, metaphysical, spiritual and artistic sense. This seductive set of songs, inspired by a new romance and a recent trip to New York, was partly recorded to analogue tape and produced and mixed by Webb in his bedroom.

SAILING, the title
track, sounds like Bowie and Nile Rogers scrambled with the deliciously
cooky American alternative rock band Deerhoof.

SULKING sounds like Dylan incarnate, testing the waters within the modern contemporary music landscape.

FLOATING sounds like the deformed love child of Brain Eno/INXS/Midnight Oil/Tame Impala. With devilishly deep, multi-layered lyrics and impeccable six-part vocal

CHANCE (TAKE A) is an ambitious bass-driven amelodic experiment, which reflects Webb’s willingness to do away with conventions.

Band Members