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Dan Weintraub

Quechee, Hartford, VT, USA | Established. Jan 01, 1985 | SELF

Quechee, Hartford, VT, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 1985
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Dan Weintraub: The traveling troubadour with a message"

Since the college Folk scene in Boston during the mis-1980s, New England singer-songwriter, Dan Weintraub, has been working his craft for over 30 years. Dan now spends his summers on the road touring the U.S. and his winters playing and teaching near his home in Quechee, Vermont. Dan has released many albums over the years including “BEAUTIFUL EMPTY” in 2015, as well as “AFTER THE SHOUTING” and “PULL BACK THE CURTAIN” in 2016.

Dan Weintraub’s sound is obviously rooted in the folk traditions of the past, but shares some of the more updated chord progressions from today’s indie music scene. His voice is also indicative of the style, soft and moody but punctuated and brassy at the necessary times. Dan’s latest album – “PULL BACK THE CURTAIN”, is a must-have in the collection of any alternative folk aficionado, perfect for that soothing winding-down after a long, bad day. It’s what I call happy sad music. The songs have a stirring guitar strum, but on top they are garnished with moody, melancholic lyrics. The track, “It Happens”, is a perfect example of this theory.All-round though, Dan’s music puts me in a mellow mood, makes me smile and allows me to feel some emotions. Through his music, Dan comes across as an everyday guy with the not-so-everyday ability to translate life into lyrics in a meaningful way. Add with his guitar and simple words, every song becomes a rich story you will want to hear again and again. Each of Dan Weintraub’s songs take your mind and your heart on a wistful ride through our collective experiences of love, surviving emotions, and getting to know ourselves in good and bad times. Again, “False Joy World” and “With Me”, is indicative of Dan’s attentiveness to these themes.Song after song, Dan Weintraub manages to convey moods that are at once tender and full of existential pain, without ever indulging in the way too common tendency of young songwriters to put music to their private diaries, nor indulging on the kind of over-instrumentation that not-so-young performers indulge in to make up for the lack of richness in their work. I don’t think there’s a single weak tune in his catalog, actually some of his lesser tunes could be the jewels in albums by most of his contemporaries. His is Americana – Folk, stripped from clichés, bringing together longing, sweetness, sadness, anger, hope and the lingering sense of someone continuously reflecting on life.

Weintraub’s lyrics are some of the most visual and painterly I’ve ever heard. While listening to Dan’s words, a film will unfold in your head. Listen to tracks such as “I Want You To Listen”, “Look At The Picture” and “As In A Dream”, to better grasp the sense of what I am talking about. Moreover, I think Dan should be an inspiration to many aspiring closet-musicians. He achieves excellence through only his voice and an acoustic guitar, nothing more is needed. The production is minimal and warm, while Dan’s honest, straight-ahead vocal deliveries sound like a one-on-one conversation between friends.

The real greatness of Dan Weintraub’s recordings though is obviously found in the songs and all their parts. The melodies are subtle and simple to the greatest extent. The strumming is faultless. The lyrics are my personal favorite part, and though they are often about struggle and pain, they are mostly sung in a bright background light. They possibly do that because Dan’s voice appears to be the perfect medium for the stories. Without question though, the music’s undeniable intimate and personal aura in all of Dan Weintraub’s songs, is what will totally captivate you.

You can follow and catch up with Dan Weintraub and his music at http://www.danweintraubmusic.com and http://www.danweintraubacoustic.com - Jamsphere

"Dan Weintraub - Trying to [Write and] Record 1000 Songs in 1000 Days"

Dan Weintraub

Songwriting can be a tough task. Finding influence and ideas to write about along with unique melodies each time is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes it takes a commitment to fully dive in to see how proficient you really can be. Our latest find Dan Weintraub did just that and it is paying major dividends.

The singer songwriter from Quechee, Vermont is also a high school History teacher and soccer coach. Dan Weintraub has been writing and performing music since the mid 80’s throughout the Northeast, even opening for Tracy Chapman a few times. He is a man that is always down for a show and does not seem to let anything get in his way. His latest project is quite epic. Beginning on January 1, 2016 Dan Weintraub set a goal to write and record 1000 songs over the next 1000 days. Yes, that is almost 3 years of songs! We are already into march and he has not missed a day yet. His music catalog has grown tremendously and each song seems better than the last. Just to mention a few, on “After The Shouting” Dan strums his acoustic guitar as he spills out his emotions and opens up to the world. There is a peppier vibe to “Look At The Picture” as there is an almost comedic value to lyrics and real energy in his playing. A real mastery of his instrument and songwriting is shown on “I Asked, He Nodded” as he creates a catchy melody while telling a slightly heartbreaking story of lost love. This is one of my favorites. Just a couple days ago (March 4th) Dan Weintraub released “Pretty Girl Blush” which continues the fun playing style with lyrics that lay it all out there for everyone to see inside his mind. The practice of writing every day seems to be advancing his skills. We will keep an eye on what is to come. - Indie Band Guru

"Reviews and Recognition"

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The Gap Between 2006

Rudderless 2007

What’s Your Point 2007

Loose Ends 2008

For What It’s Worth 2008 (LIVE)

Malibu Cocktail 2008

I Wish I Could Say 2009

Big Mouth 2010

I Am Who I Despise 2010

Employee Of The Week 2011

One Man Afloat 2015

Ya Ya Ya 2015

Too Many Lindas 2015

Beautiful Empty 2015

No Room To Turn 2016

After The Shouting 2016

Pull Back The Curtain 2016



Dan here. I've been playing, performing and recording music since the mid-1980s. In my college daze I warmed up a couple of times for Tracy Chapman. I played solo acoustic and in a country/rockabilly two man band (with Graham Cassano, currently of Blue Pontiac) at coffeehouses and bars around the Boston area. I also sang and strummed in a couple of bands - including an uncharacteristically rowdy and punk influenced Grateful Dead cover band - in college. I spent some time in Malibu, California recording my first EP with ex-punk rockers Geza X and Paul Roessler. I write my own stuff and have an extensive catalog of singles and albums. My primary life gig is teaching history and coaching soccer at a super cool high school near Dartmouth College. I have a couple of kids - both very musical. My daughter (14) and I play and record together. We spent a week in Los Angeles recording two of her songs in December 2015. I live in Quechee, Vermont, and I am happy to drive as far as needed in order to play. In fact, in 2015 I drove 6500 miles on a solo tour. Anyway, if you ever wanted me to play a solo acoustic set at your club, bar, coffeeshop, cafe, house party, library, etc., you should give me a shout. My rates are reasonable (FREE - whatever I can get) and I bring everything set-up wise. All you have to do is provide the space, let me pass the hat, supply a glass of water and some coffee, plus an audience. Beginning on January 1, 2016, I embarked upon a song writing journey of rather epic proportions. My goal is to write and record 1000 songs in 1000 days - a song a day for almost three years. One song per day - no more no less. I will use VOICE RECORDER on my iPhone to record and post each day. When gigging, I will, if time permits, write my day's song during one of my sets and perform it on the spot. Call it a songwriting journal - I've never been much for keeping an actual journal, but this should prove interesting. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and of course I'm always happy to play my music wherever, whenever. Thanks for stopping by. -Dan

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