Dan Werb

Dan Werb

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

For years Dan Werb screamed his heart out behind a wall of synths as one half of electro duo Woodhands. Now he's letting his soft and minimal side out with a new solo piano project.


Dan Werb is a synth player and vocalist, and has been touring the world with Woodhands playing heavy dance music for the last five years. Now it's time for a much, much more sensitive side.

Influenced by Philip Glass, Keith Jarrett, and his years programming synth sequences, Dan Werb's piano music reflects a fusion of his classical and jazz training, infused with a minimalist tone and subtle use of effects.

These instrumental songs engage with themes of loss, religious transcendence through meditation and drone, and the slow grind of becoming a real human being.


Forthcoming album, "Winter is Over", self-release slated for Spring 2013.