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"Chronicles: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1The Cross Movement Chronicles: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1"


Sounds like … Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, L.A. Symphony, Tunnel Rats and other articulate, deep-rolling, street-smart hip-hop collectives.

At a glance … not exhaustive but otherwise right-on-the-money, Chronicles is a near-perfect recapitulation of the life and times of the Cross Movement's five-album trajectory.

Within the limited annals of Christian hip-hop, The Cross Movement may not possess the name recognition and marquee value of, say, GRITS or L.A. Symphony, but their contributions to this still-growing genre are undeniable. Over the course of nine years and five albums, the rap conglomerate has amassed more club-worthy material than those two groups combined, all the while never compromising on street cred, deft lyricism, or their unabashed stance on gospel truth.

To commemorate this continuous marriage of faith, rhythm and rhyme, The Cross Movement has issued Chronicles: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, an anthology that's both an intermission and an introduction—an intermission because it's the group's first greatest-hits bookend before an actual studio album; an introduction because it's the ideal set to initiate new listeners to the groundbreaking hip-hop crew. Although unusually titled—radio hits are quite elusive in the realm of Christian hip-hop—these are without a doubt some of the group's biggest jams.

All of the songs are presented chronologically, which aids in tracing the squad's progression from an underground, Golden Era rap collective to a crew that grew more and more hardcore and commercial in sound as the years went by. It's indeed an interesting metamorphosis—from such indie-rap gems as "Cypha' the Next Day" and "Eyes off Me (Rophi)" to the party-rap vibe of anthems "Know Me (Huh, What?)" and "It's Going Down," it's almost as if we're listening to two different groups.

It's too bad the compilers chose remixes over originals for such classics as "Know Me," "C to the R" and "Forever," but in these incarnations these tracks are still hot—maybe not as sizzling as when they first surfaced, but blazing nonetheless. The only major omission would the iconic fist-pumper "I Am That I Am," but other than that, Chronicles is still a near-perfect collection of hits from one of music's most underrated Christian hip-hop crews.

Track Listing
1. Who's Da Man
2. Shock!
3. Cypha' the Next Day
4. Eyes off Me (Rophi)
5. The Rescue
6. What Do You See
7. Know Me (Huh, What?) (Remix)
8. On the Move
9. C to the R (Remix)
10. Rise Up (Remix)
11. It's Going Down (Remix)
12. Forever (Remix)
13. Lord You Are
14. Da Truth Iz
15. The Drawing Board

4.5 out of 5 Stars - Christianity Today

"Review – Cross Movement - HIStory: Our Place in His Story"

My first listen to Cross Movement's latest release, HIStory: Our Place in His Story, was pretty uneventful. I snooped the music while in the car driving to and from the office one day. Nothing stood out to me at that point.

But my second listen caught on by surprise, like an unexpected stocking snag or an unforeseen hook-grab of the belt loop on my jeans. "Whoa, what was that?" was my constant response song after song. I was sold then; and after running the CD through about a half dozen times, I'm awed. Honestly, "HIStory" comes at you like the constant jabs of a boxer on a roll. It holds hit after hit after hit. And as a HHH lover who has nearly every CM work since Heaven's Mentality, it's delightful to see how far this group has come.

What a brilliant concept: ending what could be Cross Movement's career as a group with an album about God's providential inclusion of these individuals in His plan for His creation. This project is a look back, a glance forward, and a perusal of the current condition of a human race that desperately needs a Savior.

"We lost Truth in this period/and proof is so mysterious/losing absolutes is so serious/how we think we gon' live when everything's relative/is anybody curious?//without a standard of Truth society's deranged/that's why I'm up in your ear begging for change."

I'm happy to say each track, song, arrangement, and lyrical concept is different. But one thing these tunes have in common is that they're all true to the theme of this album. They each look at the important issues of our day and the artists' timeless solution expressed as they've always done for the last decade. The lyrics spit by the Tonic, shown above, are an excellent example. In "Spare Change," he dives into the danger of relativism (the notion that truth is relative and not absolute) in a way anyone on the street can understand. Asking, "Can anybody spare some change?" the Tonic delivers profound lyrics that expose the folly of continuing in a Godless way of thinking that will inevitably hit a brick wall. He does the same in what may be my favorite joint on this project, a song entitled "9-10." This appropriately reflective stroke of genius, rhymed in a style that one knows is Tonic even before peeping the tracklist, displays the artist's observation that in a grossly fickle manner Americans responded to the events of 9-11 by seeking God's relief only to return to the way they had lived on 9-10 a short time later. Back we returned to our wicked ways, having only sought God for the comfort He could offer. The Tonic noticed that very quickly "We celebrate sin/and if feels like 9-10."

Another CM rapper who shines bright on this album is T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. Oh, I must admit I'd been waiting patiently for this brother to bring it like I remember him bringing it on earlier CM albums. And I'm oh, so satisfied with L.I.F.E. on this one! He does a great job on "Louder," "The Last Cypha" and "Back For This." His flow is on-point, and his contributions to this album are hot without a doubt. Let's get back to "Back For This" just for a moment. This track has an old-school flavor with glorious horns and a smooth hook. In classic T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. fashion, he tells a good story with a moral at the end. This is an important song and a grand addition.

Truth be told, all four CM artists come correct on "HIStory." It's easy to appreciate the flow, content, and lyrical ability of each. These selections display some of the best of their talent. Ambassador's flow is flawless over the head-nodding instrumentation of "Our God." He spits fire over a seeming '70's-like musical undercurrent in a song called "Trust in Him," which has a creative arrangement where the hook appears every four bars throughout the track. And Phanatik litters this album with his trademark nifty multisyllabic rhyme schemes. One especially extended one comes in "Now Who's the Man?" and "Tapestry" shows off his skills nicely as well.

"God made me blessed dark and ebony/opposite of brevity/who in this game gon' tell me about longevity?//if I had my way I'm going 'till I'm 70/return of King Jesus/the only thing that'll settle me."

"HIStory" makes great use of many other talented artists, including Tedashii (who rips it on the crunk southern track, "Name Up"), Iz-Real, and Mac the Doulos. Finally, "The Last Cypha" officially passes the baton from Cross Movement as a group to the talented cats poured into by CM, including Trip Lee, R-Swift, Flame and Da' T.R.U.T.H. The cypha is remarkable but also a bit of a downer for those who believe this is it for the Cross Movement as a rap quartet. Nevertheless, as I read the Tonic's lyrics above and take a look at projects expected to be released by individual members of this band in time to come, I'm excited about what's next.
I'll end with just a little reflection: I was 22 and fresh out of college when I first heard of the Cross Movement. The group consisted of a bunch of believers my age (at that - Rapzilla.com

"The Cross Movement HIStory - Our Place In His Story Review"


As arguably the most successful Gospel rap group our generation has ever witnessed, The Cross Movement returns with their newest, and last album, HISstory – Our Place In His Story.

Although some original members are gone and some new ministries have joined forces, the Cross Movement continues to remain on top of their game with their latest effort.

The Ambassador gets things started off right with “Our God”. The song, produced by J.R., is an uplifting, victory praise anthem that will have your head bobbing to the beat. “Trust In Him” featuring Robert “Don” Barham, has the CM crew rapping with a live band in the studio. On this track, the whole crew shines over a fresh old school beat. Phanatik spits on how CM gets down for God by saying:

Some many moves you can make these days
You can follow Christ or follow your own way
But we up His word like “Lord, what You say”
Cause we trust You that just what it comes to, hey

On “Back For This”, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. does the honor of blessing the mic with J.R. backing him up on vocals. Here, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. tells a deep and conscious story about a man who yielded to sin instead of seeking the Lord’s guidance. The main theme of theme of the cut is to express the importance of swallowing pride, taking accountability for your actions, and striving to make the right decisions in life regardless of what crosses your path.

“Name Up”, featuring Tedashi, takes listeners on a brief break from predominant East The Cross Movementcoast sounds to a dirty south club banger. The Cross Movement shows their versatility on this one by flowing with Tedashi holding down a catchy hook.

“Get That” is Cross Movement’s newest version of praise dance party track. On this Middle Eastern influenced number, Tonic raps about how the body of Christ should dance for God like David did and “get that”. The phrase “get that” means to get down for God’s glory —Psalm 150 style— through a holy praise dance.

“Now Who’s the Man?” by Phanatik featuring Iz-Real is Part 2 to Heaven’s Mentality’s “Who’s The Man”. Phanatik doesn’t hold back displaying lyrical skills.

The album wraps up the Cross Movement’s signature cypha. “The Last Cypha” sports the hotness of the CM crew along with Trip Lee, R. Swift, Mac the Doulos, Iz-Real, Flame, and Da’ T.R.U.T.H. The beat (produced by Official) is straight fire and does a great job complementing each emcee on the track.

HIStory is awesome, with The Cross Movement staying fresh, up-to-date, and creative with their music while staying true to their original “boom, boom, tat” form that graced Heaven’s Mentality and House of Representatives in the late 1990’s. If this is indeed CM’s last group album, then The Ambassador, Tonic, Phanatik, and T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. go out with a bang! - Gospel Flava

"Flame's Our World Redeemed Goes #1!"


Dove Award nominee and Cross Movement Records gospel hip-hop artist FLAME has been climbing the charts following the debut of his fourth album, Our World Redeemed, which released on March 4, 2008. The critically acclaimed album jumped an amazing 41 chart positions in one week to hit the #1 position in its second week on the CMTA R&B/Hip Hop Chart. The project also debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart.

Our World Redeemed is the second installment in FLAME's two-part audio novel and is the sequel to his album Our World Fallen, which released April 17, 2007, to rave reviews. The two-part album series captures the story of FLAME befriending a non-believer and pointing him to the cross of Christ, while examining the fallen condition of the world.

Picking up where the Our World Fallen cliffhanger ending left off, Our World Redeemed digs deeper into the plot concerning FLAME's fictional non-believer friend, whose life is now surrendered to Jesus Christ in this second chapter. FLAME paints a vivid picture of his many efforts to disciple and to exhort his friend in all areas of the Christian life, from ethical values to Biblical principles. Based on FLAME's example, his friend then begins to disciple others, leading many to Christ. The plot thickens as tragedy turns to triumph, when the untimely passing of the fictional character's relative becomes the inspiration to carry on the legacy of the Gospel.

With production by Tony Stone, DJ Official and J.R., Our World Redeemed is comprised of 16 tracks and features collaborations with Trip Lee, Json, Iz-Real (Everyday Process), Future and shai linne, plus the work of beat masters Chike, k-Drama, Speedy and Alex Medina. The album runs the gamut from aggressive to lighter fare. Its most aggressive tracks include "Who Can Pluck Us," an extreme head banger laced with arranged strings and strong snares, and the crunk-styled "Hold On." On the lighter side, there's the soul-stirring "It's You," the prayerful worship medley "See More Him" and the authentic hip-hop worship ballad "Power In Your Name," featuring Dawn Dia from the duo Cho'zyn.

Born in the inner city streets of St. Louis, FLAME accepted Christ at the age of 16. Heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture, he was particularly drawn to the work of The Cross Movement, who later signed the young rapper to their own label. One of the youngest members of the Cross Movement Records artist roster, FLAME is currently studying Biblical counseling at Boyce College in Louisville, Ky. The 2008 Holy Hip Hop Award honoree has been ministering for over 10 years in music and speaking engagements. His last album, Our World Fallen peaked at #7 on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart.

FLAME's Our World Redeemed is available on Cross Movement Records and is distributed in the CBA market by Provident-Integrity Distribution and by Sony/BMG in the general market. For more information on FLAME and his album Our World Redeemed, visit www.flame314.com, www.myspace.com/flame314 or www.crossmovementrecords.com. - BREATHcast.com



The Cross Movement Records artist who blazed the Gospel Rap scene in 2004 with his self titled debut album, FLAME, joins with key hit-making Producers to birth his highly anticipated fourth album and sequel to Our World Fallen. Shedding light on the Genesis 3 story concerning the fall of man and how it relates and affects our society today in Our World Fallen, the Christian Rap artist will unveil the counterpart of the series, aptly titled Our World Redeemed.

The avidly awaited Holy Hip Hop album will serve as an instrument of hope, victory and deliverance when it hits shelves and online March 4 2008. Featuring 16 tracks of continuous hits, conceptual segues, appearances from newcomers and vets, Our World Redeemed arrives at a time where generations are plagued with doubt, fear and confusion. Even in the midst, the compelling goal of Our World Redeemed is to reinforce the dire need to accept Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life.

Known for his thought provoking verses, truly inspired in every sense by scripture, just as much as he is for his heavy Midwestern flair, the Christian lyricist and 2008 Holy Hip Hop Honoree also known as Marcus T Williams-Gray, is currently a Biblical Counseling student at Boyce College in Louisville. Born and raised in the inner city of St Louis, FLAME has ministered for more than 10 years in music and speaking engagements through various platforms. After releasing his debut album, he followed suit with Rewind, which earned him a Dove Award nod for the anthem 'Gotta Notice.' Gaining National radio and satellite airplay with tracks such as 'Myspace,' 'Shinin' and 'Heart Stops' from Our World Fallen, his gritty music video, 'Goodness to Repentance' is also in rotation on BET, BETGospel, Gospel Music Channel and many other music video outlets.

As March 4th nears, more information on FLAME and his new release, Our World Redeemed, will distribute through www.FLAME314.com, www.MYSPACE.COM/FLAME314 and www.CROSSMOVEMENTRECORDS.com - New Release Tuesday

"Review - Da’ T.R.U.T.H. - Open Book"


I’ve been a follower of Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s music ministry and career ever since his debut release in 2004 called Moment of Truth. He released his sophomore effort The Faith the following year. The Faith took Da’ T.R.U.T.H. to a level within his ministry I’m sure he himself didn’t even imagine happening so rapidly. It led to making quite a few appearances on TBN, to going on tour with gospel greats Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary, to even winning him a Stellar Award for Best Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD! Most of all, I’m sure it brought many souls to the Lord and encouraged many already in “the faith.” And here we are two years later with what Da’ T.R.U.T.H. says to be his ‘most transparent work to date.’ And believe me folks – he isn’t lying!

Each of us is writing a book. The question is: How does your life read? With his third installment on the Cross Movement Records label, this is what Da’ T.R.U.T.H. wants you to take away from his latest work entitled Open Book. So let’s flip through the pages and see what we’ll read of the life of Emanuel Lambert, JR.!

One thing that is very popular with albums today is the making of a unique intro that generally sets the tone for the rest of the album. I’ve heard hundreds of them, and I can honestly tell you that after hearing one for the first time, I usually just bypass them from then on out. Well, with an album called Open Book, wouldn’t it only be fitting that a “book” had an introduction? No matter how many times I listen to this project from start to finish (yeah, it’s one of those kind), I am always able to listen to the intro. It was very well made and two special guests make it that more enjoyable to listen to. I won’t spoil it for you by revealing who they are, but I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a physical copy of the album so you can read the credits and see who is who and what is what throughout the album. Not only that, but the album art is slamming! You can tell that each and every detail of this project was carefully and thoughtfully planned out. Moving forward…

Fresh off of the heels of the intro, you are taken right into one of the hottest tracks of the year, “Who Am I?” featuring Tye Tribbett and produced by J.R. of So Hot Productions. This song has an infectious go-go type beat. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like it before. Just to be transparent with you as a reviewer, initially when the video for this song premiered on BET’s “Lift Every Voice” (which is when the single was first introduced to the world), I wasn’t quite sure if I liked this song. I didn’t dislike it, but it was very different for me, as are quite a few other songs on Open Book. But now I’m grooving to it every time it plays! The song is hot!

I’ve heard Da’ T.R.U.T.H. say that as he listened to the song unfold in the writing process Mr. Tribbett came to his mind. He wanted someone who could take this track to another level. Tye did just that! He makes the song fun to listen to without a doubt! Though I grew to love the song, of course, I never had an issue with the message. Not by any means. So for the message to be there, AND it be a slamming song – that equals a hit! The first few lines of the song sum up the whole message. Check it:

If the Bible was re-written and the writers put me in it I wonder how my life would read./Would the people that have heard of me—read just to learn of me—be turned away by what they see?/Or, would they slump in their sofas blown away and sober by my life then come to believe?/Or, would they do a once over read the pages of my life and once it’s over close the book and say “that’s not how I want to be?”

The next chapter is called “Man Up” featuring John Wells - The Tonic. You may have heard this song on Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s MySpace page already when it was up for a day or two, but in case you missed it, let me fill you in! Another J.R. laced track, the song has a pounding bass line that you can bob your head to and bump in your trunk! Da’ T.R.U.T.H. makes an appeal to all men who name the name of Jesus to “Man Up!” The term “man up” contrasts with the term “man down” which is usually stated during times of adversity. For example, when a police officer (one who serves and protects his community) is shot and wounded. Well, when someone says “man up,” they are saying ”be strong and courageous no matter what you may face!” Likewise, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is admonishing all brothers in the Lord to “Man Up” and take their blood bought positions in Christ Jesus! On the onset he tells of how his father instilled in him the values needed to actually become a “man of God.” And so it is with us today! We need to “man up” to be role models as well—for our churches, communities, families and more! WE are the ones who determine whether or not the next generation will grow easily in grace, or have to fight with themselves, as well as their circumstances, to become all that God wants them to be. Brothers, by all means— - Rapzilla.com


Da Truth - Open Book
Mix Engineer

Flame – Our World Redeemed
"Its U"
Artist / Producer / Engineer / Writer

Cross Movement – History
Artist / Producer / Mix Engineer

Everyday Process – Grace
Co-Production / Mix Engineer

Everyday Process - Process Ullumination and Illiminatio
Production Supervisor

Christawn – The Medicine
Producer / Executive Producer / Mix Engineer

Phanatik - Crimes and Consequences
Artist / Producer / Mix Engineer

R-Swift – Soapbox
"Good Mourning"
Producer / Mix Engineer / Engineer

Flame - Our World: Fallen

Cross Movement – Chronicles
Mix Engineer

R Swift – Thankful



DaNyA is an award winning singer/songwriter/producer/engineer. Most recently DaNyA's production work was recognized for the following:

2009 Grammy Nominations Producer & Engineer
Category: Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album

"Our World Redeemed"

2008 Grammy Nominations Producer & Engineer
Category: Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album

"Open Book" : Da' T.R.U.T.H.

2008 Dove Award Nomination Recording Engineer
Category: Best Recorded Gospel Rap Song of the Year

"Who I Am" : Da' T.R.U.T.H.

As a native of south New Jersey, DaNyA has grew up as a child of the sound of Philadelphia and had worked with many artists including Ms. Jade, Timbaland, and the legendary Gamble and Huff to name a few. Currently DaNyA is working on various production projects and is prepping for a for his solo album.