Danyel's self described sound is "smooooth." Perfect to chill to or to get your groove on!


Between his 6-string bass bombardment and his stellar falsetto vocals, bassist extraordinaire and Columbus, OH native son Danyel Morgan of Robert Randolph & the Family Band might just cover the most sonic territory of any musician on the road today.

Bass guitar has been Danyel Morgan’s driving force from an early age. Danyel was inspired by his father and began playing bass with family members and gospel groups at the age of five. The first song he ever played was Love & Happiness by Al Green. Danyel remembers listening intently to Al Green and his idol Stanley Clarke as a child and cites both Al Green and Stanley Clarke major influences in the development of his playing.
In addition to bass guitar, Danyel is musically versatile on several instruments including drums, piano, lead guitar, vocals, and tenor saxophone. It’s this versatility as well as his driving bass lines, thumping fills and downright funky fingering that makes him an audience favorite, whether he’s digging deep and slapping the intro to the Grammy nominated hit “Squeeze” or nailing his signature smooth falsetto vocals ala Earth, Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey on tunes like “I Need More Love.”
Danyel joined Warner Recording artists, Robert Randolph and the Family Band in 2000. Since that time the band has had three successful releases, “Live at The Wetlands,” “Unclassified” which won the 2004 Dove Award & “Colorblind.” In addition, Danyel performed on the 2003 Grammy award winning album "Higher Ground” by the Blind Boys of Alabama and performed with the Family Band at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Danyel also has a solo project in the works scheduled for release in Spring of 2009.
Danyel has toured the United States and Europe sharing the stage with Dave Matthews, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, The Neptunes, The Roots, John Mayer and many others. He has been featured on VH1, Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show, Austin City Limits, The Grammy’s and MTV.

As a Yamaha artist, Danyel Morgan plays a Yamaha BB2005 and the Yamaha RBX375 strung with GHS Strings. Morgan’s signal travels through a trio of Boss pedals; a TU-2 tuner, CEB-3 Chorus, and OC-2 Octave - before entering a Mesa Boogie M Pulse 600 head, which powers two Peavy 4x10 cabinets.

By many accounts, Danyel Morgan has joined the upper echelon of bassists inhabited by so many of his mentors and early influencers; his star is indeed on the rise.


DISCOGRAPHY - With Robert Randolph and The Family Band:

Rhapsody Originals - 2007

Colorblind - 2006

Unclassified - 2003

Live At The Wetlands - 2002


Grey's Anatomy Volume 3 - 2007

Stomp The Yard - 2007

Sacred Steel Guitar Instrumentals - 2004

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2003 - 2004

2003 Collection - Live From Austin Texas - 2004

Dove Hits - 2004

Thrill Of It - 2006

Squeeze - 2003

I Need More Love - 2001

Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002 - 2002

The Second Annual Sacred Steel Convention - 2002

Train Don't Leave Me! - 2001