Peanut butter hot-dogs sprinkled with cinnamon on a stick. 1970's heyday power pop. Big Star meets Badfinger at Nick Lowe's appreciation night for Elvis Costello. Wreckless Eric is showing off his new watch to Ian Drury while the Nerves are on stage playing their hearts out.


Someone once said that any band is only as good as their record collection. Even if that maxim was only half-true (and it is), then Dany Laj is probably one of the best cats you haven’t heard yet (and he is).

He sounds like Paul McCartney and Patti Smith’s bastard love child that grew up listening to too much Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and the Replacements.

Springsteen sang once about being ‘a rich man singing in a poor man’s shirt’. Growing up in northern Ontario, in a French-Canadian hockey playing family, Laj is the furthest thing from a poseur you’ll ever meet. He’s real, and so is his music, and he works, playing over a hundred shows a year and putting the hard miles on cracked Canadian highways, north, south, east and west.

So when you see Dany Laj & Looks on a marquee in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favour and check it out. You’ll thank me.

-Nathan Hunter, July 2012

” If you dig the vintage power pop of labels like Bomp and Stiff… true songcraftsmen…” - Johnson Cummings (Cult #Mtl)

“… a budding troubadour who has “raw talent” written all over him. Laj possesses the same visceral moxie that forebearers Ted Leo, Elvis Costello, and Joel Plaskett made their respective calling cards, and just like that trifecta he makes it sound so damn effortless. Beyond quality material if you ask me, but listen for yourself.” – Wilfully Obscure

“..Laj, who looks like Elvis Costello’s nerdy cousin is the leader of the pack, but he relies heavily on his crack team rhythm section; drummer Vassil Mester and bassist Jeanette Dowling. The Looks play a variety of styles, sometimes veering into serious Westerberg territory, but always keeping it a little Power Pop.” – The Main MTL

“.. Dany is a blast and someone who has toured extensively, crafting out his honest, authentic self. What you see is what you get. He has drawn comparisons to Ted Leo, Elvis Costello and Joel Plaskett. I’d go with Nick Lowe myself (but who wouldn’t?).” – Will Mcquirk (durhamregion.com)


Dany Laj - The Match - 2011 (Boppa Do Down)

Dany Laj and The Looks - Telepathic Voices (Boppa Do Down) 2013