Da Paranormal

Da Paranormal

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Da Paranormal blends hard knocks hip hop with an upbeat Cali vibe. " Make Way we're comin in! " sums it up for DP as they are about to drop a bombshell on the competition.


Consisting of Three talented individuals, Mavie Corral (Big Seek), Ivan Isguerra (Lil Dane) and Art Amezcua (Ghost). Da Paranormal brings intensive rymes and captivating hip hop beats straight out of the city of Anaheim, California. Big Seek brings fast melodic, corrosive lines and Lil Dane slaps listeners across the face with metaphoric, intimidating raw lyrics. Ghost is the genius behind the beats. Together they can make you dance and boogie or just sit back and listen. The Trio has been creating music as a group for 7 years now. This is the begining of Mexican hip hop at it's finest!


Da Paranormal (self titled) 2006

Set List

Intro - 45 sec

1. Friday Nights

2. Got Rich

3. Mad at the World

4. Fuck Peace

5. Coronas and Lime

6. Easier

7. Take a shot with me

8. Get Down

= 30 minute set