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Hip-hop has never seen an artist able to articulate the tragic issues facing our urban community from the perspective of a victim and a survivor. DapDon brings to us an intriguing talent with what some call the greatest upside of any up-and-coming artist. Dapdon is the bright future of HipHop.


DapDon, the GoldenChild of east coast hiphop, depicts the grimiest realities with the intellectual analysis of a sociologist. "Through music and the spoken word, I want to empower as many people as I can, with the hope of bringin' change to my community. Rec League Records' main goal is to clean the streets, starting with the mentalities of the people who live there."

Why this name?

Dap, short for Dapper Don, is da name because I feel there's something to be said about maintaining one's frame, whether it be attire or attitude. I don't want to be restricted to the stereotypes of what someone from my community should look like. I dictate what I should look like. I want to be able to wear a suit and still not sacrifice my hood, I want to be able to wear my durag and still be allowed to exist where that is frowned upon. The Dapper is all about having the ability to be corporate and thug. I am a product of many different environments. The shell is a small piece of who I am.

Artistically, I am a lyricist but since I'm also into the spoken word the name paints an exact picture of who I am, D.A.P. aka "Da Asterisked Poet"

"Rec League Entertainment"; taken from the spirit of Recreational Leagues, the goal is truly to get people away from their high-risk lifestyles. Providing opportunities for those who otherwise would not be given such opportunities is the reward and the task. If I can offer a felon a chance to get money wit me instead of them havin' to return to the "trap", I feel I have achieved my goal in making the streets better for me and mines, ya dig! Rec League is not just the label but it's the movement!! ....Get down or Lay down!!!!!!

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

It's a double-edged sword, the internet allows you to reach in places you can't get to otherwise. On the other hand there's a million places to get free music which works adversely to my need for cheddar. But if you earn it, the dues will come, so all in all the internet is a plus...for my business at least....Rec League is where it's at!!

Your influences?


Favorite spot?

I got love for every hood I been in, but New York is my first love... The city where everything goes! Nowhere else like it. But you could Catch me in one of them poet cafe's or bangin' heads in a club somewhere in midtown manhattan. When I'm in MA, probably in the Bean somewhere, and Bridgeport (CT) got a couple spots too. Don't sleep on none of 'em!

Anything else...?

The Unconscious Reality Mixtape can be purchased at www.cafepress.com/dap_da_don and for any updated show information visit www.myspace.com/dappdon


Unconscious Reality Vol. 1: The Journal
Unconscious Reality Vol. 2: Slums to the Boardroom
Unconscious Reality Vol. 3: Reality Check