Daphne Adams

Daphne Adams

 Austin, Texas, USA

"It's like good cooking and great sex rolled up into one...."

Take just a little bit of everything good about each genre of music, put it with a powerful vocalist, and you've got what we deliver!

It's a breed of music all its' own. Bold, sultry, and mesmerizing.

Good enough to bathe in....


It all began on a humid October afternoon deep in the bayous of Louisiana. Amidst the blues, zydeco, and jazz of the legendary South, a new sound began to emerge.

Growing up the daughter of a preacher was without a doubt challenging. Having a family that was musically accomplished on both sides created a collision course between destiny and desire. A course that I willingly and passionately embrace.

I recall being terrified to sing publicly as a child but would lock myself in my room for hours on end singing with all my heart at the top of my lungs. My mother would get so frustrated that I wouldn't give that talent back and share it with the world.

I remember my first musical influences...you know, the ones I would sing their songs over and over again until I knew every last note, rest, and breath. I'll never forget wailing to Whitney Houston, dancing with Michael Jackson, trying to hit Sandi Patty's high notes, and shocked by Madonna's brazen openness. And even earlier years of rocking to the cool sounds of the Beach Boys while filling my soul with the richness of Andre Crouch.

As a teenager I was a radio junkie. Top 40 was my love. I couldn't hear enough Billy Ocean, Paula Abdul, Poison, Boy George, Wham, or Duran Duran. I listened to everything from Van Halen and Ratt to Randy Travis and Debbie Gibson.

Then it happened....someone got me on stage. With a bit of trickery and masqueraded as a Christmas play for the children, I was Mary in the church play of the greatest story ever told. Then I found out that Mary had a solo.....

That started a leak in the dam that never stopped. That leak slowly became larger and larger until the dam finally broke. Before I knew it I was on the Praise and Worship team at church performing three times a week and singing solos on a regular basis. I performed for conventions, revivals, and was the guest soloist for the annual statewide Dr. Martin Luther King festival in Monroe, La in 2004.

After about 12 years or so of that I decided that I needed a little more excitement and wanted to stretch myself as a performer. I started auditioning for local plays at the community theater. I landed my 3rd audition as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. Two years and six plays later I made the decision to move to Austin, TX to take my talents to the next level.

Although I moved to Austin with the ambition of evolving as an actor, it was no surprise that I landed in the cover band, "The Dictators of Cool" as the lead vocalist within a few months of being here. That project slowly ran it's course and I moved on to the original project "Bad Micky Ficky" as the female vocalist. That all original, hip-hop project introduced me to several 6th Street venues such as Agave, Friends, Club Karma, and Tate's.

Although I had the opportunity of acting on "Friday Night Lights" as an extra and playing the principal role of Ginger Montgomery in the local daytime drama, "Shades of Life", I finally realized that my true calling was what my mother had been trying to get me to do all these years.....sing!

I stepped out of everything I was involved in, laid my acting hat down, and started writing. I poured my heart and soul out onto that paper and took the things I loved about all the music I listened to as a child a merged it into my own sound. Actually, I already had a lot of songs written. After all, this is my natural talent and first love.

It took me a little over 2 years to put "Vitamin D" together. This was a road I had never traveled and was a learning process every step of the way. Prior to the release of "Vitamin D" I joined another cover band called "Groove Knight" to re-acclimate myself to the stage and knock the dust off. Groove Knight has been wildly successful and exploded the Austin market since we launched the project.

Now the time has come to make the impact my mother always wanted me to make. The time has come for me to make my mark and stand apart. I released my project in June of 2010. Another chapter of my life has begun. A new learning experience is taking place. And I couldn't be more thrilled and excited about what is happening and going to happen.

Having already played MoMo's, Whole Foods, and Lucky Lounge in Austin, TX. since the release, the feedback is tremendous! New music is being written and work has already begun on the next album. So jump on and hold on because it's gonna be one hell of a ride! Look out world....I'm coming!



Written By: Daphne Adams

You came into my life, one night, unexpectedly
You brightened up my days, and then, set my spirit free
And you were everything that I desired,
Hoped for and admired
Now I come to you to say,
Please don't ever go away

Let me give to you what you gave to me
Let me show you how love was meant to be
If we could just let go and let our feelings show
I know that we will be together...eternally

It happened on a day when I was feeling down
I had a talk with God and prayed, "if you could get around"
"to bringing in my life what I need
someone special just for me
because I'm tired of playing the fool"
Then you came to my rescue

Repeat Chorus

And we both know, it's a long hard road
We're both a little scared, but I ain't going no where
I'm tired of running away
Ready to take a chance today
'Cause when I look into your eyes
It's this love I can't deny

Repeat Chorus


Debut album: Vitamin D released June 2010

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Set List

1. Control
2. Morphine
3. Satisfy Me
4. I Wish by Stevie Wonder
5. Rub-A-Dub
6. Come Into My Kitchen
7. Nightmare
8. Touch You
9. Eternally
10. Baby Tonight
11. Vitamin D