daphne darling

daphne darling


Variety Pop songs with catchy hooks and melodies. A sound fused with the sweet and classic Singer/Songwriter appeal, but layered over the sexy loops of Rhythm & Blues. All this mixed with a sultry feminine voice, easily convertable to a vocal siren.


Daphne Darling's ecclectic taste in music ranges from George Michael to Peggy Lee, Karen Carpenter to Prince, & The Dixie Chicks to Garbage.
Having been trained in Hip Hop dance, Latin, and Ballet, Daphne's diversity is evident in her melodies. She started fronting her band "Larksong" before discovering her own special 'Darling' sound with the help of Juno Winning producer Ron Lopata.

-Winner of a Toronto Independant Music Award
for "Best Pop" (also nominated for Best Song, Best Live)

- Opening act for Rascal Flatts 2008

-Top 15 Finalist in the CMT/NSAI Songwriting Competition for the song "Eight"

-A semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for:
"The Profile Song" - Comedy/Novelty
"Until Then" - Pop category

-Nominated in 2 categories at the Los Angeles 'All Access Magazine' Music Awards in the "Best Pop" category for "Until Then"

-Licensed 2 songs for syndicated 'Fashion Television' and her song "Bring it on" was the key song in the instructional dance video 'Cheeracise'

-'Song of the day' on popjustice.com

- Was the voice for radio jingle spoofing 'Beyonce' on internationally acclaimed CHUM FM.

-Recieved a grant from the Canadian organization FACTOR to complete her EP "The Darling Project".

-Earned a covenant spot at 2006 Honey Jam (all female showcase that lead to the signing of Nelly Furtado and Jully Black)

-Appeared at The NXNE Music Festival in Toronto June 2007

-Appeared at the M.E.A.N.Y Festival in New York Oct 2007

-Has performed in North American music meca's L.A, New York, Nashville, & Toronto

-Her EP 'The Darling Project' was released Feb/08


Until Then

Written By: D.Nissani

Until Then

I don’t know what it is that’s left me alone all these years
My friends think I don’t want love
I tell them I’m just like you and really do want love too
My numbers waiting to come up

But until then
I’ll be all alone with no one to call my own
It may be sad but its fact
Wait for the shoe to fit
Enjoy life the way it is
And la la la la la

Waited for a long long time searching high and low and I can’t find
Someone who could be my best friend
And now I’m kissing toads that won’t kiss me back when I get old
Wandering will those days ever end



Keep playing these 4 chords while cupid leaves me ignored
Hope that he sees me as he flies by
And when his arrow gets show into another heart that he forgot
I’ll play 4 different chords for him that night
But unitl then

Chorus out:


Written By: D.Nissani, R.Lopata

he’s shy sometimes/especially on that first night
you could see he tried/ but couldn’t get it right
we learned the steps/ dancing how we understood
and I was so impressed/ our first date was going good

the instructor was coming by
she said that we need to try/to trust eachother
she put my hand in his
it felt like the perfect fit/dancing together

try to keep your head up straight
don’t look down to the ground/spin her round and round
you’re doing great

the happiness/of walking down a wedding aisle
in my white dress/daddy gave me away with a smile
my groom stood there/looking happier then me
soon we will prepare/ to start our own family

in the reception hall/they started to play our song
for the first dance
we’ve done this once before/on a different dance floor
and he took my hand


perfect’s never how the story goes
and fairytales will never tell you so
we fight sometimes but then we makeup
and we do it all/ for the sake of us

the gardens full/of everyone of our good friends
my grandson pulled at my skirt to pick him up again
The banner read/happy anniversary
And My sweet husband said/he could never live without me
music began to play
it seemed like the perfect day/to have a party
he came and took my hand
I forgot how to dance/and so he taught me

Repeat chorus

123456 and 78
try to keep your head up straight
don’t look down to the ground
I’ll spin you round and round
your doing great

The Profile Song

Written By: D.Nissani

A girls gotta do what she’s gotta do
I’m trying hard to fix my dating blues
I thought it over decided to
Get online for a rendez vous

Picked a name that would make some sense
Decided to go by Persian princess
next step asked me to stay condensed
Make sure it leaves them all in suspense

I’m 5 foot 9 in high heels
My body parts they are real
Flirting is my favorite sport
I don’t drink and I don’t smoke
I’m obsessed with chocolate
Lifes too short for me to regret
write me if you wanna chat
just note, I’m allergic to cats

I never said how much I liked clothes
How pretty it is the first days it snows
A bitch once a month and everyone knows
The heart on my sleeve will always show

Should I have said my favorite colours blue
That I’m a hard working entrepreneur
What if it misses all my allure
should I read it over just to be sure


Did I forget some stuff once again
I like to beep every now and then
I’m sexy but I’m not a ten
And most imporant what I want in my men

Honest, ambitious, hard working, humble, funny, charming, flirtatious, witty, patient, genuine, classy, friendly, romantic, independent, and not needy.

Chorus repeat out:

Remember All The Days

Written By: D.Nissani

Barely in our teens when we became friends
Way before we could feel old
Remember when our curfews were 10PM
Hang out on streets yelling at the boys

Line ups at the clubs/we were old enough
Me and you rocking all the dance moves
Took the car around before we'd go downtown
Learn to walk in our high heeled shoes yeah

Remember all the days
Read the yearbook where I signed your picture
If it was all a phase
It should've ended for us so much quicker

End my shift at an ice cream parlor
Change my clothes to meet up with the girls
She's always late so make sure you call her
If she's not on time I'm gonna give her hell

Couldn't afford a lot/ so we always bought
Some of our clothes at a local thrift store
Took a kitchen knife to my british knights
See if the triple k endorsed what I wore


Quotes from a movie
We all fell in love with
On the phone just you and me
May as well be honest


"The Darling Project" EP - Daphne Darling
Release Feb/08
"Some Fun Tonight" - Single - December 2002
"She" -Single - March 2003
"Bring It On" -Single - January 2005
"The Darling Project" EP - Feb. 2008

Set List

5-7 songs
Sets from 20 minutes to 40 minutes