Daphne Smith

Daphne Smith


We're not really a band per se' we're a combination of artists that write our own songs and create our own music. We do some shows and host some at nightclubs. It's sort of a family and friends affair. We're just doing our thing hoping to get a chance God willing.


We're not a band. We're a family. We all do different things at different times. We're just introducing ourselves at this time. Once we start letting you listen to a little of what we can do, you will get the picture.


Not at this time, but soon. Delancy & Carla have something very close to being released.

Set List

Dave's is usually Jazz/Blues or Rhythm & Blues. 3 to 4 sets depends on when the show starts and how many breaks.

Delancy usually is the host of the show and allows other Hip/Hop artists to participate in etween his sets. Usually 3-4 sets per show.

Jimmy & Daphne have been working on music for a friends movie that is soon to e released.

We've all been working hard, just not ready to be released yet because when we do come out, we want to make sure we get it right the first time.