Dapp Theory

Dapp Theory

 New York City, New York, USA
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Described as "the Weather Report for the 21st Century", Dapp Theory blends jazz, funk & hip-hop with seamless precision.


Dapp Theory is a quintet that blends “contemporary funk, groove and hip-hop into jazz with such seamless, casual precision it’s almost freaky.” (LA Weekly)

A recipient of The Civitella Fellowship, Chamber Music America’s New Works commission, French-America Jazz Exchange award, and voted “Rising Star Keyboardist” by Down Beat Magazine, leader, pianist/composer, Andy Milne is one of the most important and respected voices in jazz today. With Dapp Theory, he is re-drawing and extend the boundaries of jazz. Jazz Times Magazine describes the band’s “remarkable chemistry . . . [as] . . . so impeccable, it’s practically a musical Unified Field Theory”.

Milne formed the band in 1998 as a vehicle to “tell passionate stories, promote peace and inspire collective responsibility towards uplifting the human spiritual condition.” Since then, the band has evolved and built a loyal following, in large part due to their commitment to grass-roots touring. Dapp Theory’s style is indefinable yet highly recognizable, blending influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and KRS One to Thelonious Monk and Van Halen. Their first major label CD, Y’all Just Don’t Know [Concord Records], released in 2003 included an ambitious collaboration with folk-rock icon Bruce Cockburn. Their current release, Layers of Chance [ObliqSound/Contrology], released in 2008, features fresh compositions by Milne that blend various instrumental textures, infectious grooves, layered with lush harmonies and poignant lyrics.


"Layers of Chance" - Dapp Theory [ObliqSound/Contrology - 2008]
"Y'all Just Don't Know" - Dapp Theory [Concord Records - 2003]
"New Age of Aquarius" - Cosmic Dapp Theory [Contrology Records - 1999]

All 3 releases have (and continue to) receive airplay on college and satellite radio.

Set List

Typical Set consists of all originals.
The band can perform repertoire in a high energy electric set or a dynamic acoustic or semi-acoustic set.

Acoustic Set:
If You Count it
Headache in Residence
Layers of Chance

Electric Set:
Trickle Down
In The Moment
Bodybag for Martin
Deja vu