Da Prince

Da Prince

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Da Prince has a unique style of worship compared to other gospel artist.He makes music to glorify Jesus and the lifestyle of one who walks with Christ.Alot of young people enjoy his music and alot of lives have been touched by it.If he were to describe his music,He'd say that it is inspired by God.


Da Prince(David-Prince Reedy) is a local gospel singer in Nashville,Tennessee.He was raised in Okinawa,Japan from a missionary family.He was taught at a young age about Jesus and now tells about him through his music.Since a very young age in the Zion Christian Fellowship Choir,he had a desire to sing praises for Jesus.This desire developed into a calling.But instead of waiting,he got right to work.Upon his arrival to the United States at 14,he started to write gospel songs and record them.This resulted in his demo cd which consists of 5 songs that he wrote.Now at 15,he is currently writing songs and performing at churches.He has won awards in both songwriting and poetry.He is not only a music artist,but a student.He provides an example for his fellow friends at school.He is a member of the National Honor Roll Society and currently enrolled at Maplewood Comprehensive High School.He is a young man with a bright future in the music business.If not in school,he is promoting his cd or performing at a local church.He spends countless hours reading the Bible,praying,and composing lyrics.His future goals are to learn how to play the piano,organize a youth concert sponsored by several churches,establish his record label,and to be signed by a major recording company.His prayer is that he will continue to honor God,his parents,and for God to be glorified in his music and testimony.For booking info ,you can e-mail him at daviddaprince@hotmail.com


Da Prince has come out with a demo cd which consists of 5 songs.He completed a full album entitled "Your Season."He has collaborated with many other gospel artists in music and in ministry.He has recieved radio airplay in Jackson,Tn on 88.1 fm and 880 am in Nashville,Tn.