New York City, New York, USA

We are christians and we love God to the fullest extent.We are spreading the gospel around because God called us to do it.We are walking in our annoiting and will continue.Chozen Majesty does all kinds of music from worship to rock.However we can praise him...we will! were expanding our band...


Our music is inspiring...and talks about the word of God in a way that young people can understand it and have fun with.Our influence is in the word of God...we ask God what should we say and how do we present it; because our ministry(music) is meant for someone that spiritually we are responsibile to reach out to them and plant that seed.


Reign on me - Chozen Majesty
Over flow - Chozen Majesty
All Day - Daprophetess
Broken - Daprophetess
WaterFall - Chozen Majesty

no radio play...just live music and studio time.

Set List

We dont have one.We play as the Spirit Moves in the place that we are ministering in.