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Sing Me To Sleep

Written By: Dara D Johnston

Ruby came to me with worried eyes.
She had too few years and too little size.
When they put her hand in mine, I felt her tremble.
Moved like sadness of life gone by.
She smiled, but looked like she still might cry.
Squeezed my hands oh so tight, saying,
“When you tuck me in at night, will you….” [Chorus]

Chorus: Sing me to sleep. I’ll close my eyes.
Lose all my worries, in your lullaby.
Sing me to sleep, love in your song.
Nothing will hurt me; my fears long gone.

I remember walking through her college town.
She wore such smiling eyes for everyone around.
Saw no trace of sadder times before we were family.
When I took her in I had no way to know.
I was afraid her lonely heart would never go.
Took my arm and held me tight, saying,
“When I lay down tonight, won’t you [Chorus]

Bridge: How those years went rushing by us
I still see her playing in the yard.
Now she wraps the blankets ‘round me;
Kisses me good-night.
I reach her with my softest whisper,
“Ruby one thing would make this right.” [Chorus]

Before We Fly

Written By: Dara D Johnston

See you looking from the far side.
Fingers tapping out a rhythm making my toes react.
Caution my heart to stand back. Beat slow, Baby, don’t race.
Footsteps pounding near my baggaged soul, but I just got to know… [Chorus]

Chorus: Before we fly; Before we take this chance on love. Before we fly.
Once an intimate touch, expecting too much;
Will we just come and go? Taking pieces and parts?
Gotta know, gotta know, gotta know – before we fly!

Hear our future in the bell chimes.
Heart pounding like a base drum beating my courage thin.
Will we trade passion in? Promise now, honey, don’t break!
Vows could come to be our worst mistake. I just gotta know….[Chorus 2]

Chorus 2: Before we fly, before we make a promised love. Before we fly.
Consumed by this touch; expecting so much.
Will we just come and go? Fall to pieces and parts.
Gotta know, gotta know, gotta know, before we fly!

Bridge: You say I’m doing too much thinking.
Why can’t I just believe in love?
Cause I gotta know, gotta know, gotta know… [Chorus 2]

Ending: Before we fly. Before we fly. Gotta know, before we fly……

Damned If I Do

Written By: Dara D Johnston

Why is my heart in jeopardy? How do I lose control?
My soul drops all its boundaries when love comes spinning in.
Face slap, jolting mystery that I resist like orders.
My borders crumble in on me when my love dance begins. I’m… [Chorus]

Chorus: Damned if I do love, damned if I don’t
A heart I’ve felt so sure of loves me, but won’t.
Damned if I walk by damned if I stay.
Chase until I find home then home slips away.

Ending: Chase until I find home; don’t let home slip away.

Know she’s stepping out tonight, while I keep stepping back.
Sparring with my fight or flight, stumbling on my pride.
Don’t know how to come around without just laying down.
End this foolish hot words waste of time.
Speak what’s in my heart and on my mind. Cause
I can’t keep it all inside. I know I’m [Chorus]

Bridge: When I packed up my feelings
Sure that we would never change,
You came ‘a walking back brand new
I saw a chance but damned if I do…. [Chorus]

One More Reason

Written By: Dara D Johnston

I went too far when I dreamed of you and me.
I felt a deeper love where life said none could be.
I knew your heart was living in the past,
Still I fell in love with you, though my heart was last. I found… [Chorus]

Chorus: One more reason to hold on.
A chance you’d turn to me some day.
One more reason to dance with time;
Sure you’d chase those shadows away, hey.
Every day you are that one more reason.

You’re looking back as you turn to go.
Your hesitation calls to me, whispering all I need to know.
Do I see promise in those distant eyes?
Waiting for your mind to let your heart rule this time. I find… [Chorus]

Bridge: Don’t settle for nothing less than everything.
Won’t give you my heart if you can’t come
All the way…..and stay with me. Still I’ve got… [Chorus]

Love All Over Me

Written By: Dara D Johnston

Alone at Angel’s Bistro where we used to talk all night.
I touch the chair left empty, feel your fire in the candlelight.
Your voice is playing over me, even sitting here alone.
Just can’t bring myself to go home, where [Chorus]

Chorus: I can feel your love all over me; soaring down on wings to carry me.
Rocking me in the cradle of your passionate soul.
I can feel your love all over me; chasing off my melancholy heart.
I can feel your love all over me, yeah; all over me.

The clock is striking empty and the wine is half past gone.
Close my eyes to see you standing in the desert sun. You write
“Our love is my blanket as bombs blast through the night.
It’s the dream of holding you that gives me strength enough to fight, ‘cause” [Chorus]

Bridge: Bistro lights are dimming,
Hug my coat against the cold.
Hurrying the sidewalks dreaming,
You’ll be at my door, where [Chorus]

Come Around This Time

Written By: Dara D Johnston

Staring straight through me right into your past.
Wishing you were lying back in those loving arms before love crashed.
Heart’s not in your conversation. I’ve got the surface of your smiles.
Trying to see our future, but the past goes on and on and on for miles. [Chorus]

Chorus: You’ll come around when the quarter drops
You’ll come around when the hurtin’ stops.
Won’t you come around this time? Won’t you come around, just try?
Imagine yourself on an all time high, and come around this time.

ENDING: Won’t you come around this time? Come around this time……

Taking me places; know you’ve been before.
Standing in your memories looking for a way to close the door. Trying to
Give yourself permission to leave your past behind.
Packing up your used-to-be that goes round and round and round inside your mind. [Chorus]

Bridge: How will I know if it’s pieces and parts?
Will it be lifelong or just fits and starts?
Good for now; some day, some how,
gotta know I’m not second to the past! I know… [Chorus

She's Growin' Up

Written By: Dara D Johnston

Verse 1:
She was ten but speaking twenty, refusing youth as obsolete.
Slid away if they squeezed her like a child.
She (bristled) wiggled like an earthworm if someone pinched her cheeks.
Wanted all to say, “how wise”; never “juvenile.”

She’s growin’ up; No stoppin’ her.
She’s growin’ up; gone the amateur.
She’s growin’ up; changing like the sound of rock n’ roll.
Never growin’ down; She’s growing up.

Verse 2:
Momma now and turning in a three-sixty spin.
Responsible for the caveman and the cave.
She is the daughter of Atlas with the ceiling dropping in.
An inspiring apparition poised against a tidal wave.

Shaking kinks from her fingers and toes.
Wrinkly like 1800 prose.
Loves to touch the faces of the young.
Wishing her life was just begun.