Ambient progressive rock. Unique and complimentary lead and rhythm guitar, layered with jazz influenced drums and punk styled bass...topped off with Tim's perfect pitch and wide range. darby puts on a solid set and leaves the crowd grinning...tired...and wanting more.


***5/16 - HOT TOPIC in-store acoustic @ Vista Ridge in Lewisville from 7-9pm***

darby won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and opened up the Dallas Taste of Chaos date 4/1. They drew over 800 at the House of Blues - Dallas for their EP release party, and were recently featured as the "Pick of the Week" on IndieSolo.com.

darby has been perfecting their sound since 2004 and somehow still manage to live under one roof. Not exactly a typical rock scene: 5 guys...a NICE house in a suburban area outside of Dallas...on a golf course. Driving down the street, you'll see neighbors sitting on their sidewalk with a glass of wine, soaking in darby's rehearsal through the walls of their poorly sound-proofed practice space (upstairs living room).

darby encompasses every angle of great rock. They appeal to crowd-surfing teenagers and musically educated adults, leaving every crowd full of energy yet exhausted from a great show. This energy has scored darby endorsements with Godin Guitars and NYC Alchemy. They have shared the stage with glassjaw, Evans Blue, the Burden Brothers, Fair to Midland, and have participated in many respected festivals.

The band's first 3 years were spent locally, finding their fit in the Dallas music scene. Partnering with management Relish Entertainment in early 2007, darby has quickly pushed their way to the front of the line. They recently recorded their first EP "The Clearing," produced by Alex Gerst and Blue October's platinum recording artist Matt Noveskey. darby will be back in the studio to record their first full length album. Also, look for their feature this June in Unsigned the Magazine!

2008 is their year...keep an eye on these guys and you'll soon discover you won't want to look away.


cheers to disaster

Written By: Tim Ziegler

It's 6 am and I am driving in my car
to come and see you one last time
I'm not afraid of running in place
the world stops spinning and
I am with you once again

This always happens so
Cheers to disaster once again.

He knows in his head his daughter is dead inside
from knowing the man thats never been around.
He sees her last breath come out of her chest
Its time for listening to stories that glorify her life

This always happens so
Cheers to disaster once again.
Cheers to Disaster once again.


The Clearing (EP), release December 26, 2007

KDGE (Dallas) - "Cheers to Disaster" and "6 Days"
KTBZ (Houston) - "Cheers to Disaster"
USA4Real.com - "Cheers to Disaster" (coming soon)

Set List

typical 45 minute set:

Clock the Paradigm
6 Days
Cheers to Disaster
Kansas City
Such as Toys
143rd Street

additional songs can be added to create an hour or longer set:

Solo Universe
The Inbetween
Stake in Actors
Cellar Door

covers: Deftones - Drive (far away)