Darby O'Gill

Darby O'Gill


Darby O'Gill bring to life all the humor and frivolity of Irish songs in thier stage show. Light-hearted humor and sharp witted improv make this a band that has to be experienced.


Darby O'Gill is an energetic stage-show band that uses fine music and cutting humor in a singularly Irish style. Their music is ancient and modern, many of them are original, award-winning pieces. The majority are traditional Irish/Scottish songs. But the single most important thing to be said about their music is that in none of it is there ever to be found any hint or reference to squirrels.


Over in America

Written By: W Scott Messer

They've got a thousand channels on TV - It's a terrible necessity
But there isn't anything to see - anywhere you turn
They've got the cellular telephone - So you can call them when they're not at home
Still they want to be left alone - [T]They've got money to burn :}

{: Oh, oh, over in America, Oh, oh, over in America

Everybody want's to be a star - Everybody drives a car
They never go too far - [!!!!] but they always go so fast
They always wear two faces / They know exactly what their place is
They always win their races - [T]They never come in last :}

All the monsters here are tame - they put their saints in cages
They've got themselves to blame - its a bit outrageous
Everybody plays the game - the competition is contagious
And they go up in a flame - [T]or they disappear in stages

Oh, oh, over in America, Oh, oh, over in-
"America, America, God shed his grace on thee"

You have to be on your guard - But when things start to get too hard
You just put it on your credit card - See the money flow
The managers want to tame us - The tabloids are trying to blame us
Looks like we're going to be famous - [T]Did you hear us on the radio:}

All their wise men are insane - The psychics are their sages
All their heroes are the same - And you can find them in the yellow pages
It might be a shame - but it's been that way for ages
And they go up in a flame - or they disappear in stages

I'm gonna get a little bit of fame - I have to be courageous
Everybody's gonna know my name - Isn't it outrageous
They all know why I came - The competition is contagious
And I'll go up in a flame - or I'll disappear on stages :} - - Or I'll go up in a flame!


Waitin' for a Ride, 1996
Driven to Drink, 2000
Irish Christmas Rollick, 2004
The Gettin's Good 2004

Set List

Set list will vary from show to show as Darby O'Gill have over 300 songs in thier repertoire. Standard sets are one hour in duration with a 15 minute break in between.