Extremely melodic without sacrificing heaviness, with the occasional brutal riff thrown in to keep things exciting. A blend of classic metal and modern metalcore.


d'Archangel was created under the name Zonica Metal by Brian and a few friends, in a church basement in 2004. Slowly but surely solidifying a musical vision over the past 5 years, things have finally started to come together for the band with the introduction of Matt on drums and Rob on lead guitar, who have worked together in previous projects. Further strengthening the lineup with the addition of Chuck on bass, and solidifying it with James on vocals, the band is heading off in an exciting musical direction; embracing everything from modern metalcore(Brian, Matt and James), to classic thrash and heavy metal (Rob), to jazz and funk(Chuck). Look for some tasty new jams soon!


single - "Situations" released January 2010

"The Atrophy of Entropy" EP - release date TBA