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Darcie Allen

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24 Funky

Written By: Darcie Allen

Who put the cream in your coffee?
Who put the sugar in your bowl?
Don't you think I'm more than just some dollie, that you can change from velvet to some plush velor?

You take the butter, you take the bread, you never ask me what's inside my head. Pass the pepper, how 'bout a spoon?, so you can slurp it up all morning--I won't be back till noon.

Waiting till noon is a long time for you.
You need some lessons baby, 101 sessions, maybe, on how to cook it up for more than you.

Who put the cream in the coffee?
Who put the lemon in the pie?
Don't you think I know what you are after? Well you can think again, let me clarify!

You take the butter, you take the bread, you never think at all outside your head. Pass the pepper, How 'bout a spoon?---you can mix it up all morning, I wont be back till noon

Waiting till noon is such a long time for you, I think you can make it, maybe, try not to break it, baby-- while your at it fix that attitude!