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DarcSkin is here, the new innovative, motivated, young universial artist that blends all forms of music into the baseline of one... Making sure that His conversation with the audience is unique to none...allowing him to stand as a new architect of Music/Hip-hop


DarcSkin was born and raised in Long Beach, Califonia as Gerald McMillon.

He began his musical transformation at the age of 14, going through life's process, which helped him develop his style. By the age of 18 there was no turning back, DarcSkin was born and ready for the world....

DarcSkin has worked with various artist from underground to mainstream, including Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, RBX, Lil Half Dead, Sly Boogie and the list goes on, but you get the Pic...

DarcSkin is currently working on his solo album Da Natives R Restless


In the 80's

Written By: DarcSkin

In the beginning when it all started, the sabbath day in the 80's, sadie's grandbaby, destined to be crazy, cause all the hatin going places, that I wanted to go but couldn't make it, so I laced my shoes up and kept them cleaned up and at every show made sure homies had a full cup and that's what's up, I'm knowing where it will end up, flying Money bucks and 2 in for a weekend bruch.


''WANT BEEF'' first single from my freshman album
''da natives r restless'' currently played on myspace, and nbxtv.com

Set List

15-20 minutes of straight heat...that real fire
Play the Game
No he didn't