"We write songs and then play them." - Nathan Miller. "They reminded me of a group some people called the Fab Four [the Beatles] when they were playing at the Cavern." Carolyn Weaver, Music critic for Vegas Arts & Entertainment Corner... Thanks Carolyn! We love you yeah yeah yeah.


***If you're just now joining us, we (darcy) have been on a 6 month break. We gathered two new members and took that time to compile an entirely new set. The new darcy is bigger, better and brighter than ever before; but don't worry. if you're an old darcy fan, the songs you know and love will come back from time to time and we can all have a listen. the future's looking good. Stay tuned, friends.***

If you miss the old bio, here it is.

Somewhere in a distant land, in a time before anyone can recall, a band of boys got together with the common goal to change the world. After many years of extensive martial arts training, time in the political arena, back-breaking physical duress, countless close encounters with any and every imaginable danger, their quest has brought them HERE in the year 2007. With no less zeal than in their youth, these young men continually press onward. They care little for their own safety, but have only the well being of the future of music in mind. Join them on their quest, and discover a world of poetry and polyphony in the music of darcy.


Darcy, Vol. 1
Darcy, Vol. 2

Set List

1. Alien
2. As She Waits
3. Brandy
4. Romeo & Juliet Alternate Postmodern Wedding
5. Police
6. Time Machine Blueprints
7. For a Girl I Love on Her Wedding Day
8. Followup
9. Laura Ingals
10. February

Our sets are typically 45 minutes long and consist of 7 or 8 songs, but we'll play all night if you let us.