Darcy Oake

Darcy Oake

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

At an age where most people are deciding what to do with their lives illusionist Darcy Oake has already made a huge mark in the world of campus entertainment. His youthfull approach, style, and likeable personality allows him to connect with the younger college crowd. Not your typical magic show!


Darcy Oake is an international award winning magician. His show is highly acclaimed and has been honoured with the industries top awards. Darcy magic has been featured over seas on multiple international telvision networks with ratings in the millions of viewers.

At age 16 Darcy was deemed an international magic champion. By the age of 18 Darcy was headling the Magic Castle in Hollywood California. And by the age of 20 Darcy had completed a national tour of Canada performing 80 shows in 30 cities over 6 weeks.

Darcy holds the destinction of being the yougest person in history to win the "Peoples Choice Award" presented in seattle Washington by the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.