D'Arcy Wickham

D'Arcy Wickham

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Accomplished fingerstyle guitar player and composer with a clear, powerful voice - well crafted lyrics in the style of Bruce Cockburn or Jackson Browne.


2007 Winner in "Songs from the Heart" Competition for his song "Feather Fingers"

2008 and 2011 Featured performer at North-by-Northeast Music Festival

2009 One of Ten Finalists in the Canadian Region for the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest

2009, 2010, 2011, 2011, 2012 and 2013, 2014, 2015 Featured performer at Winterfolk Blues and Roots Festival

With a professional musical career spanning 3 decades, DArcy Wickham brings maturity and depth to his performing and songwriting talents. "He showcases an exceptional facility with all styles of guitar picking, from elegant folk to atmospheric blues, and with his gifts as a composer of comfortingly retro, acoustic-based pop songs. Hes in fine voice as well: a full, truly pitched baritone graces his compositions." (Greg Quill, Toronto Star)

D'Arcy has had a wealth of excellent performance and workshop experience over the past few years. D'Arcy's five appearances at Toronto's Winterfolk Blues and Roots Festival in 2009 through 2013 have seen him share the workshop stage with such musicians as Wendell Ferguson, Rick Taylor, Danny Marks, Margaret Stowe, David Gillis and Steve Briggs. As a performer at the Bruce Cockburn Tribute at Hugh's Room in October of 2009, D'Arcy was in the excellent company of Jason Fowler, Andy Sheppard, Michael Johnson and Heather Luckhart, among others. June of 2008 was the occasion of his first appearance at the NXNE Music Festival in Toronto. In April of 2008, DArcy was one of three featured performers and workshop leaders at the Waterloo Guitar Summit. On Nov. 17, 2007, he opened for Jon Brooks, and accompanied Jon on a few tunes, at the Acoustic Harvest Folk Club in Toronto. On Sept. 20, 2007, D'Arcy joined Ian North and Clela Errington to open the first City Roots Presents series at the Cameron House in Toronto. D'Arcy was the featured opening act on March 24, 2007 for Oliver Shroer at the Greenbank Folk Society in Greenbank, ON. D'Arcy performed to a sold-out audience at Hugh's Room in Toronto for the release of his CD, "Feather Fingers", and opened for Tommy Emmanuel there in 2005.

D'Arcy's first solo recording, "Dust and Loneliness", which was produced by Ian Thomas and released in 2000, received critical acclaim. Tracks from the CD were featured on two composite CDs: Borealis Records' "6 Strings North of the Border" vol. 2 and "Tears of a Thousand Years".

In 2005, D'Arcy released another critically acclaimed CD, "Feather Fingers", which was produced by Jason Fowler. Greg Quill of the Toronto Star was particularly impressed with D'Arcy's facility and virtuosity on the guitar.

In August of 2007 the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals contacted D'Arcy to congratulate him on winning the instrumental category in the " 2007 Songs from the Heart Contest", for his tune "Feather Fingers". D'Arcy showcased his tune at the "Songs from the Heart" awards ceremony at the OCFF conference on October 13.

In August of 2009, D'Arcy was selected as one of 10 finalists in the Canadian Region for the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, on the strength of his song "Malahat Highway".

As a guitar teacher with some 30 years of instructional experience and as an award winning composer, D'Arcy has a wealth of musical background to drawn on in offering workshops: aspects of guitar technique, song writing, history of folk and blues, and live performance.

Well known in folk music circles, an outstanding guitar teacher, performer and composer, D'Arcy would make a great fit for any folk festival or roots music venue.


Malahat Highway

Written By: Wickham/Carmichael

Down the Malahat Highway
By white rushing rivers
Over wooden trestle
The Sun in my eyes
It sparkles on the whitecaps
Blowing in from the Pacific
Eagle circles slowly
Above the Malahat Highway
Through rainforest tunnel
Past Kwakuitel totem
And rusted out old cars
Where children play
Between clear-cut mountains
Past stinking pulpmill smokestack
Into Desolation along
The Malahat Highway

It’s a mystery
How this road can be
Paved with all the tapestries of my life
Through each twist and turn
Another memory burns
Another lesson learned in paradise
A Lesson learned in paradise
Winding down into the harbour
Through diesel fumes and cedars
I wait for the ferry
And another rain to start
We pull out across the water
And I lean against a bulkhead
The pounding of the engines
Match the pounding of my heart

Hanging at Owl Creek Bridge

Written By: D'Arcy Wickham and Robert Carmichael

This is the story of a southern planter
A gentleman known as Peyton Farquhar
Driven by dreams of military glory, he stole into Union territory
Dressed like a Fed in camouflage, his heart intent on sabotage
Now he stands on a plank above a swollen gorge
With a noose around his neck
Tied to Owl Creek Bridge

Water swirled below, he closed his eyes
Distracted by a sound he didn’t recognize
Regular and slow like the tolling of a bell
He awaited every stroke like his own death knell
Slower and slower each second stretched
The sound that he heard was his own watch
All hope of escape was totally gone as the hangman sent him over
Owl Creek Bridge

He saw life through a prism
Of ‘daring-do’ and hope
Perception was everything
‘Til he reached the end of his rope

He fell through the dark as if already dead
And sank like a stone to the riverbed
The rope must have broke, how strange it seemed
To hang by the neck at the bottom of a stream
He struggled to the surface with a desperate thought
Lynch me ! Drown me ! Don’t let me be shot !
By the five-score rifles on the ridge
Waiting for me to come up
Under Owl Creek Bridge

Cast upon a bank of glittering emeralds
A kind of Eden it did resemble
He followed a course by the rounding sun
Strange constellations, unknown tongues
He reached for her through the morning mist
Then a stunning blow sent him into the abyss
Peyton’s neck snapped like a twig
As he swung beneath the timbers
Of Owl Creek Bridge

Chorus …repeat


2005: Feather Fingers
2000: Dust and Loneliness

Set List

Here are two possible 45-minute sets consisting of original material, except as noted :

Set #1

Malahat Highway
Welcome to this World
Hanging at Owl Creek Bridge
Wishing You Were Here
Feather Fingers
Satisfied and Tickled Too (Mississippi John Hurt)
Hooked on You
Rainfall (Bruce Cockburn)

Set # 2

New England Rag
Forecast Bad Weather
Can't Imagine Any Future
All of Your Faces
Brother Of Mine
In the Blink of an Eye
Time to Heal
One Last Look