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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Live Review (Brisbane)"

With the crowd tightly packed into the bar, Dardanelles got the crowd moving with their dancey rock styings. Delivering their songs with a well-polished sound, the Melbourne four-piece played one of the most enjoyable sets seen at Rics for a long while. Promoting their new single Footsteps off their forthcoming debut album, the band played their first ever gig in Brisbane in conditions most other new, young bands would kill for – perfect acoustics, a packed-out, receptive audience, and a great atmosphere across the whole performance area. Also playing great songs off their EP which was released late last year, including Origami Tree and Of Course You Said, the Melbournites performed with expert musicianship rarely seen in such young bands. With the set ending all too early in my view (I just wanted to dance for the rest of the night – no fault of the band), the thought of seeing them perform once again next month (August 10, to be exact) at the newly-established Exile night at the Platform, and then again in late September supporting The 1990’s at The Zoo, will help me alleviate my dance-itch for the next couple of months. If anyone else needs to cure the same affliction, feel free to join me! - Fasterlouder

"Live Review (Adelaide)"

Imagine "A Forest" by The Cure, mash it up with some early 80's INXS back when they were all post-punk and tribal, mix 50% of that resultant with an equal percentage Primal Scream and Kasabian at their most propulsive, inject darker brooding animal edge post-punk with rolling techno bass rumbles and grinding synths, then picture an idiot savant lead singer fronting it all flapping his arms about wildy like a demented muppet and a 4 year old on his birthday who can't clap in time to the Wiggles and THAT would be yer monkey! A deadly combination to be sure, but still one that I damn near can't get enough of. Fuck me, but do these dudes freakin' rock! woooooooo! :) - spoz.blogspot

"Single Review (Footsteps)"

Dardanelles slid in sideways with a scotch in one hand and landed on the Australian music scene, instantly grabbing the attention of listeners and lovers with the charismatic tunes ‘Origami Tree’ and ‘Of course you said’. Touring up and down the east coast, preferring the stage to the studio, the Dardanelles have endeared themselves to an ever growing fan base, with gritty live shows and explosive sounds.

You would, however, be labouring under a misapprehension if you believe that they have been pounding the proverbial pavement, waiting for the opportunity to erupt onto the music scene. This tight little outfit has been an item for about 18 months, and in that time they have tracked a meteoric rise through the alternative music world being named a ‘Next crop’ artist by Triple J and ‘A band to watch in 2007’ by iTunes. With an enticingly cohesive sound, it’s readily apparent that The Dardanelles have hit their musical sweet spot, mixing it with the likes of The Howling Bells, Dappled Cities Fly, Cut Copy and Expatriate.

Their cathartic infusions of electro-punk and social ills, brings forth the introspective in all of us, bouncing back to reality only with the infectious energy of their toe tapping tunes. A warning should be issued though; this is not a CD to listen to in your car, for it invokes a reverie that is difficult to surface from, and as such could be dangerous while driving.

‘Footsteps’, the first single released from the forthcoming debut album by Dardanelles, merely whets the appetite and heightens the anticipation of their voracious 20-something connoisseurs. The b-side is a poignant little number called ‘Alone is not’, featuring haunting lyrics remaniscent of The Clash, also to be featured on their debut album.

It is nigh impossible to pin this band down as any one genre. They seem to have the unusual talent of being able to blend punk with electronica, dance and pop, all into one unique infusion of rock out bliss. I think it is in this capacity that The Dardanelles will continue to grow organically, above any one indie scene. If the ‘Footsteps’ single is just a taste of what is in store, we can expect a wistful and musically diverse album, seeking out and shining the light on us all. - thedwarf.com.au

"Live Review (w/Cut Copy)"

Normally it isn't really appropriate or "the done thing" to dance to the opening act of the night and hailing from arch nemesis Melbourne, a friendly response was not assured for a non-hometown act. However, the kids seemed to ditch that kind of thinking because a band like Dardanelles deserves more than arms folded and head nods. The injection of some furiously strummed guitar was a slicing and salivating sound to my dance filled ears. Personal favourite was "Of Course You Said" as I knew it well from the Riot in Belgium Remix, but I mean I was highly impressed overall. - Whiteboy Dance Floor [whiteboydancefloor.blogspot.com]

"Single Review (Origami Tree)"

I seam to recall people having a bit of a fit over this non-The The band a while back, and they certainly fit in with the current post-new rock jangle vibe; it's all angular (haven't used that word for a while, have we?) guitars and rubbery NY basslines and slightly hyperactive drums - and, most pleasing of all, it's really very good. - Inpress Magazine


Mirror Mirror LP - SEPTEMBER 2007
Footsteps - Radio Single JUNE 2007
Of Course You Said - Radio Single MARCH 2007
Origami Tree - Radio Single NOVEMBER 2006
Self Titled EP - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


We've delivered �explosive genre-defying performances� (Faster Louder) with Who Made Who (DEN) Johnny Boy (UK), The Scare (UK), Howling Bells, Cut Copy, Damn Arms, Dappled Cities, Expatriate, The Lost Valentinos, Muscles, Children Collide and many more.

We released our debut EP in November 2006. It was variously described as a �frenetic mass of addictive and schizophrenic sonic madness� (In The Mix); � a whirlwind of despair to a danceable beat� (iTunes); �ambitious, fast-paced and heartfelt� (PBS); �a very strong release that captures the intensity of their stage performance� (Dwarf Magazine), �gritty, electro-punk that will tickle your dance bone.� (L�Etoile Magazine)

We were named a 'Next Crop' artist by Triple J (past 'Next Crop' artists include Wolfmother and Wolf and Cub), and a 'Band to Watch in 2007' by iTunes (alongside Justice, the Decemberists and New Young Pony Club).

Our first single 'Origami Tree' spent five weeks in the top ten of the Australian Alternative Radio Charts. Our second single 'Of Course You Said' has already been named 'single of the week' in three states and been remixed by Riot in Belgium (Relish).

We've recently finished recording our debut album, which will be released in September (AU Only). We will shortly headline our second national tour to release the cinematic first single, 'Footsteps'.