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Madrid, Madrid, Spain | SELF

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | SELF
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Dardem @ Sala Taboo

Madrid, None, Spain

Madrid, None, Spain

Dardem @ Flanagan's Irish Tavern

Madrid, None, Spain

Madrid, None, Spain

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This band has not uploaded any videos



The night promised to be good. The venue too. However the organisation left to be desired. After the problems encountered with the sound check and, in my opinion, the unfortunate decision that the local band played at second place instead at last, the Australians The Wishing Well began their performance. A good folk rock band, to which unfortunately the sound did not justice. The same thing happened to Stance, a local band from Zurich. A very young line-up, with a lead singer fan of Bon Jovi to the bones, who makes this fact evident whenever sings a note. After a year without performing live they offered a good show to the public who traveled there to see them.

Around 11:50 pm Dardem could begin the concert which would end the tour around Germany and Switzerland this year 2010. Luckily the Spanish band has been accompanied by their own sound technician during the entire tour, Mr. Pachón, and the sound was unquestionably superior. "Nada" opened the night, a song that gives the title to their first studio album and stands out as something different in style from the rest of the album's songs. One of my favorite, which did not disappoint live. Followed by 'City bus',' Demente 'and' Nada para el sol ", characteristic Dardem sound and a very commited band ready to give a good show. Pepe Rodríguez, frontman and keyboardist of the band, put his heart and soul on each performance, without disparage of course, the other members: Raúl Pacheck, guitar; Joe Melero, bass and Peter Bacan, drums, whom comply perfectly with their missions. At that point of the night it was time to calm down a bit and play what I think is my favorite song (along with "La caida", that we did not have the pleasure to listen on this occasion) from this group of Andalusians based in Madrid. "Luz de mar", a melodic sweet and intense song that transports you to the best of the places you can imagine. "Cool wave" and "Männer" were the surprises of the night. The first is an unreleased track so far, and the second a superb version of the super hit of the German singer Herbert Grönemeyer, masterly performed by the guys. It is clear that these four musicians radiate talent and professionalism on all sides. The night was coming to an end, and "Sin miedo", Dardem star track in Spain, shaked out Rock City. To conclude the evening another great song, "Mi amigo", which gave a deep and meaningful touch to the end of the show. Definitely a very good performance and a great night in many ways. We hope to see them around here next year and, of course, many many others. - Martin Black Sun Management (MBSM)

Die Elektroband Dardem aus Madrid spielt morgen im Absturz.... (Bitte klicken Sie auf den Namen des Zeitungsartikel, um weiter zu lesen). - Leipziger Volkszeitung


LP "Nada" - March 2010



Spanish electro rock band founded in mid 2006. DARDEM merges rock and electronic music, they have a personal and innovative sound and integrate strength and sensitivity to a unique style, with which the Spanish musicians bring their compositions into a unknown territory.

The music of DARDEM is subtle and elegant, even in live performances that are full of energy, their style is still very elegant and dynamic. Their versatility and multi-disciplinary music style is the most important element of DARDEM.

The Spaniards have a unique way of feeling their own pace and carry a lot of emotion on stage. They are very welcome by fans of Héroes del Silencio or Depeche Mode. The last few years they have worked hard to establish themselves as a pioneering project in their own country.

They released their first studio album, "Nada" in 2010 in Spain and the band was on tour in October / November 2010 in Germany and Switzerland. In 2011 DARDEM will begin recording their second album that will undoubtedly be a very important step in their music career.

Tour in Germany and Switzerland 2010:

29th October - Subway to Peter (Chemnizt)
30th October - Knaack Klub (Berlin)
4th November - The Blue Shell (Cologne)
5th November - Zwischenbau (Rostock)
11th. November - Absturz (Leipzig)
12th November - Katy’s Garage (Dresden)
13th November - Rock City (Uster-CH)


Spanische Elektro-Rock-Band Mitte 2006 gegründet. DARDEM verschmelzt Rock und elektronischer Musik, hat ein persönlicher und innovativer Sound und integriert Stärke und Sensibilität mit einem einzigartigen Stil, die ihren Kompositionen auf unerforschtes Gebiet von spanischen Musikern bringen.

Die Musik von DARDEM ist subtil und elegant, auch in Live-Performances, die voller Kraft sind, ist ihr Stil immer noch sehr geschmackvoll und dynamisch. Ihre vielseitige und multidisziplinäre Musik ist das wichtigste Element von DARDEM. Die Spanier haben eine einzigartige Weise des Gefühls, ihr eigenes Tempo und sie tragen viele Emotionen auf der Bühne.

Sie kommen sehr gut an bei von Fans den Héroes del Silencio oder Depeche Mode. Die letzten paar Jahre haben sie hart gearbeitet, um sich als ein Pionier-Projekt in ihrem Land zu etablieren.

Sie veröffentlichten ihr erstes Studioalbum "Nada" in März 2010, einschliesslich der beiden Singles "Nada" und "Sin Miedo" zusammen mit ihren jeweiligen Videoclips aufzunehmen. Das Album wurde komplett durch DARDEM selbstproduziert.

Nach der CD-Präsentations-Tour im 2009 und 2010 in Spanien war die Band auch auf Tour im Oktober/November 2010 in Deutschland und der Schweiz. Im 2011 wird DARDEM mit der Aufnahme ihres zweiten Albums beginnen, die zweifellos ein sehr wichtiger Schritt in ihrer Musik-Karriere sein wird.

Tour in Deutschland und der Schweiz 2010:

29. Oktober - Subway to Peter (Chemnizt)
30. Oktober - Knaack Klub (Berlin)
4. November - The Blue Shell (Köln)
5. November - Zwischenbau (Rostock)
11. November - Absturz (Leipzig)
12. November - Katy’s Garage (Dresden)
13. November - Rock City (Uster-CH)