DaReal Keyz

DaReal Keyz

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

How would I describe my music?
I would have to say its different,creative, and have a good vibe to it. I have that Midwest flow and also show alot of emotion in my music. something that you can bob your head to and say I like DaReal Keyz


Biography of Daylin Wills
DaReal Keyz
Daylin wills also known as DaReal Keyz is a recording artist with a Hip Hop, and R&B vibe that shows a lot of emotion in his music, a young man with a Midwest flow. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and Lucretia Renfroe is my organized manager. I am also a songwriter, producer, editor, actor, and I also make a good business man and entertainer. In 1998-1999 I was performing for talent shows with my dance partner Tarynie Ray and won every time. After the year 2000 is when I wanted to start doing music as a career. At the age 15 I would write hooks and songs for my friends Edward Wingo and Will. It was not until the age of 16 when I wanted to branch out and do my own thing with music. I started to write my own music and started rapping to my friends. When Edward heard me rap he knew he had to do a song with me. The first song I ever did was called “Money Making Mission” featuring B-Wingo, Kid Comix. After getting good feedback I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In the year 2007 I had already had a buzz out in school that I was an artist. In the summer of 2009 I released my first mixtape called “Creative Mixtape”. I transferred from Warren Central High School to North Central High School, as much as I didn’t like to be there because I didn’t know anybody but I made myself stand out of the crowd. I wasn’t going to let the new school make me not continue my music. So that whole year I met some other artists by the names of Lyrical, Lil’Dude, and Big Hersal. After doing a couple of songs after school the artists wanted to form a group called “Rap Masters”. But at the beginning of 2010 the group fell out but I didn’t let that end my career. With help from his mentor Johnny Flow I began to do my career solo. So late 2010 I started to do my own thing and start working with my best friend Smidgett. Together we would create the next big hits. In September 23, I released my second mixtape called “IN-DIANA VOL.1”. That sold over 45 copies and boosted up his fan base. I would also perform for at the school concerts and took every chance to be on the radio at my school. Getting all types of interviews and radio play on Wjel 89.3 I started to think my career is starting to take off. So I made a fan page on facebook so my fans could have a chance to see what’s the latest news and upcoming concerts. On December 24 I released my third mixtape called “Studio Day N Night”. It had over 100 listeners. I released my fourth mixtape called “Rappers MasterMind”. I am also learning to play the guitar to be a better musician and give the fans something different.
Contact DaReal Keyz: 317-748-2590
email: darealkeyzbooking@yahoo.com


DaReal Keyz- Blind Poem

Written By: DaReal Keyz

Am I blind when I say our love is strong. cause the people that are close to me can name the things that are wrong. When you smile in my face an have them lies tag along.I make sure I can dedicate the lines to you on this song.I see the real you hidden in the fog. The truth will always hurt an it will hit you like a log. As I seen comments on your blog from another nigga saying that he loves you an how your bodies migty soft. and in between your leg stays open like a loft.I think the arguing is what keeping us apart. An that the guy said ya been together since march. My feelings for you is starting to bend like a arch. I'm keeping my boat up call me Noah's Ark. Its not fun running through the park alone. why can't you just leave things where they belong.No matter what your key is not welcome in my home.I remember every night strokin your head like a comb.But layin in your bed made me feel like its another mans throne.Should I have trust lookin through your phone.maybe our love should be postponed.-DaReal Keyz


-Creative Mixtape
-IN-DIANA VOL.1 Mixtape
-Studio Day N Night Mixtape
-Rappers MasterMind Mixtape

Radio airplay on Wjel 89.3
-DaReal Keyz ft Smidgett- Im The Man
-DaReal Keyz ft Smidgett,Taryn- Indiana
-Smidgett Greene ft DaReal Keyz-Fly(clean)
-Smidgett Greene ft DaReal Keyz,Jesse the Spitta-Keep it G
-Major Swagg ft DaReal Keyz-Anthem
-DaReal Keyz ft Kenny Boy,Joe 511-In My Zone

Set List

J.Everette Light Career Center
Jonhhny Flow
Major Kidd
Joe Fife
Jermaine Cooper
Make It Or Break It management
Justin Combs
Arnell Luckett
Emerson Theater