darediablo is an instrumental drums-bass-keyboards trio that combines straightahead AC/DC-style rock with space rock and ambient textures.


darediablo is an amalgam of everything we love about hard rock and our other influences -- jazz, punk, experimental music, funk. Our influences range from AC/DC to Los Lobos to Pink Floyd to Paul Bley.

Other influences include Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Stereolab, ZZ Top, Pantera, Bill Frisell, and The Minutemen.


Blue Plush Interior (EP)
Tunnel of Fire (LP)
subaquatico (EP)
sky cohete / subaquatico (LP)

Our music was used heavily for the first season of ESPN's "The Life" -- one editor told me, "Your music defines the editing process." We are currently working on soundtrack projects for an Emmy award-winning producer for ESPN and CBS.

We have had a listening party at Broadcast.com, and we are featured in Yahoo! Musique France. We are scheduled for an interview with DCN.com.

Set List

Our typical set in NYC is 45 minutes, and has no covers -- except for an occasional "War Pigs".

* Standpipe
* Shotgun
* Sky High
* Apotheosis
* Ear Meat
* Shipping & Handling
* Unfinished Business