Dared The Knot

Dared The Knot


It’s progressive industrial - a cutting edge mix of electronic music and rock. Electronic beats and synths drive catchy yet unique songs with melodic vocals and heavily distorted guitars. Within the context of accessible pop songs many styles of electronica and heavy rock are represented.

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The Red Road

Written By: Bowes, Martin

Skyclad before the moon
The black and white girl
Locks the gate to the tomb
And pours the ashes into her hair

The red road spirals up
She travels lightly
Carrying a dying hawk
She throws the bird into the air
She says

Not here nor there
I will tread angels won’t dare
In my dreams
I see you coming after me
I wanted to know more


Dared The Knot EP

Set List

Current set list of 40 minutes:
The Red Road
The Crossing
Winter Absolute
Moth Prophecy
The Machine Roars to Life
Fait Accompli (cover of Curve)
All Our Hands (cover of Joseph Arthur)

We also have the following songs which could increase the set time to slightly more than an hour:
So Out of Fashion
A Clock Out of Time

We do two covers as part of our regular set. One is of a band similar in style to us ("Fait Accompli" by Curve). The other is a drony, modal + electronica remake of an accoustic singer/songwriter song ("All Our Hands" by Jospeh Arthur).