darel junior

darel junior

BandHip HopPop

A quirky, catchy and conscious hip-hop act in the vein of Del the funky homosapien,Pigeon John and The Roots. Darel Junior is a Portland, OR based emcee known for his comedic approach to an otherwise bleak reality.


Lyrically: Pigeon John, Black Thought, Heiro
Musically: Portishead, G-love, The Roots
Stage Show: James Brown, Little Richard, The Clash

Quirky, catchy, and conscious. This best describes the writing style of Da’rel Junior. Born and bred in St. Louis, MO, Da’rel began performing at a grammar school age.
During his late teens he began showcasing his talent at monthly block parties. Moving to America’s heartland, Tulsa, OK, for college, he really began to get his feet wet. With intriguing, encouraging, and intelligent subject matter, he strives to project as well as promote authenticity. His audiences span from hardcore, post hardcore indie rock scenesters to hip-hop heads alike. He demands crowd interaction. He’s rowdy, bold, insightful, and a joy to listen to as well as watch.
Da’rel is bringing hip-hop to new dimensions.

DA’REL JUNIOR has had the honor of sharing the stage with:
Pigeon John
John Ruben
Thousand Foot Krutch
Squad Five-0
Mourning September
Noise Ratchet
Norma Jean
The Agony Scene
As I Lay Dying
Silence The Epilogue
Gospel Gangstas


The Mama's Boy Ep
I'm no boyscout Lp
Compilation Infatuation
The Delrico Ep

Set List

An action packed 30 min adrenaline rush. With maybe one or two covers ranging from LL Cool J to Eazy-E.
2.And How
3.The Dentist Song
4.Woe Is Me
5.Window Shopping
6.Juniors Sing Along
7.Sometimes I...