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Juelz Santana - "There It Go" a.k.a. "The Whistle Song"

Mr. Focus - Man From Mars Mixtape - "Intro" & "Where My Hustle Is"



I make music that you can't help but to remember. My melodies hold you in their arms the moment you hear them, my beats hit you like Mike Tyson and at the same time will have you on a sonic high. Classic. Commercial. Hits. My music can find its way to the home of any family, regardless of their age, race, creed, sexual orientation and the list goes on. I have a voice that needs to be heard. I have a face that needs to be seen. I have a dream that needs to be reality.

The first time I can remember performing was in the 3rd grade. My best friend and I got in front of the class and sang “Baby I’m Yours” by Shai, which is still one of my favorite songs. All throughout my years growing up, any chance there was for me to perform, I would. Another talent show favorite was “Rappers Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang. My big brother, author Dwayne S. Joseph, used to be in a singing group and I wanted to emulate him so much when I was young. I didn't stop singing, and when my big sister joked that I couldn't sing, it made me sing louder...in her ear. The passion was undeniable. But, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school when I decided to take it seriously. I went to my school choir director and told her that I wanted to be a singer. She enrolled me in her class and that became the beginning of my musical journey.

I began producing thanks to my dream of becoming a singer. I have always been a songwriter and I knew I would have to learn as much about music as I could so that I would not have to rely on anyone to make music for me. Music is not only my gift, but also my talent. I learned how to play the piano and the guitar, which helped me to be able to work in different styles of music. I believe that is a part of what sets me apart from the rest; I don’t have limitations; when it comes to my craft. I don’t follow trends, but I am not afraid to go with the flow to give the people what they want. What I do stands out. That is why I have an ASCAP Pop Award on my wall. When people heard Juelz Santana’s “Whistle Song”, they loved it. It was original; and unlike anything they ever heard. Juelz and I however, did not make the song alone. Without the contacts of my partner at the time and good friend, Terence Anderson, the beat might not have gotten into the hands of Juelz to become what it is. I understand that no one and nothing reaches success without the help of others and I hope to be able to help others become successful as well as myself.

Currently, am working on a number of projects including a project with Madam Madon, a female rapper out of Washington, D.C., who will soon fill the void of the female rap game and help to put her city on the map. I am also working with Mr. Focus out of Binghamton, NY. Mr. Focus recently dropped a mixtape with DJ Noodles and one of the tracks that Focus and I did together is the first song after the intro called “Where My Hustle Is.” I have also been working as an engineer at Breasia Studios alongside longtime engineer Jamal Lee. Jamal has engineered music, movies and was the head audio engineer for the Washington Nationals. I have placed a track with the NFL to be used for their Rookie Training video.

I have also taken part of the prestigious iStandard Producers Showcase. In February 2009, I won 1st place in Philadelphia and went on to New York to battle the 2nd winner from Philadelphia. I was also able to come back to Philadelphia in April to showcase my music as a Featured Producer and wow the crowd once again. Currently, I am designing the sound for a play to go up at DC’s Capitol Fringe Festival, written by critically acclaimed playwright, Malcolm Pelles. I have been entered into the Velocity Magazine Awards under the category of Producer of The Year so hopefully; I will be able to report back to you with good news!

I used to do this only for me. It was MY dream and nothing was going to stop me. I am now a family man and realize that this is no longer just about me. I still have the same fire, if not more. I am ready for the next opportunity that comes my way. Hopefully, you will agree with me and see what I see. I am ready, willing and able to get the job done. Someone is going to make money with me soon. I hope you and I are able to share the fruits of our labor together. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you. If you would like to keep up with me, please feel free to visit me online!