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"__Darin Clendenin | "Revenir","

Darin Clendenin

By Damain Erskine

Pianist Darin Clendenin may not be a household name, but has a wonderful reputation in the NorthWest as a versatile and sensitive musician that always operates on the highest of levels. This album displays in very clear terms, what we know to be true. While there is a distinct lack of technical gymnastics (refreshingly), what comes through is the musicality present in every note choice and composition here. I personally found this CD to be very meditative... Every tracks sails on in a steady stream of melodicism, taste and musicality. There is a vibe captured here that begs you to relax and listen. Some may perceive this music as a little on the "safe" side harmonically but, when done well (as this is) I find it refreshing to not feel like the musician is trying to prove to me what a monster they are but rather, showing me how beautiful they feel music can be. Revenir is a beautifully tranquil and moving statement that recalls the reflective nature of a rainy evening in the NorthWest and I personally really enjoyed my time with it.

- Bass Musician Magazine

"Darin Clendenin "Revenir""

By Edward Blanco

Right from the opening “Monty's Calypso,” dedicated to legendary jazz pianist Monty Alexander, Darin Clendenin charms his way into you jazz space with an inspiring performance on the piano on his new breezy album, “Revenir.” The album symbolizes a return to significant times in his life that he expresses best when playing the music, ergo the title,“Revenir,” which is French for “meaning to return.” Clendenin may not be a recognizable name for jazz audiences from the East or the South but nevertheless, this musician is recognized as one of the finest pianist and keyboard artists in the Pacific Northwest area of the country. Based in Seattle, Washington, he records this album in cooperation with The Jazz Project, a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit jazz support organization designed to promote jazz artists and music from the region and serves as the window to the jazz world for musicians hailing from Whatcom, County, WA.

Except for the finale, this is an all original music CD containing tasteful contemporary straight ahead jazz recorded with a traditional piano trio consisting of Clipper Anderson on the bass and Mark Ivester pounding the drums and an occasional percussion instrument. “Revenir” is warm and inviting rhythm-based music loaded with catchy melodies and sprawling delicious piano lines that Clendenin masters with ease. A sampling of “September” will more than convince you this is a recording worth spinning often. “Nigerian Prayer” features drummer Ivester on one of the more percussive numbers here.

Two outstanding pieces played back to back, are the spicy “Machismo Mouse” where the pianist demonstrates his more than ample piano chops and shares space with bassist Anderson who lays down a nice bass line solo followed by more of the drummers work on the sticks and then there is the light emotion-filled almost ballad-like, “Volver,”meaning to return in Spanish, emphasizing the theme of the album. Paying tribute to Thelonious Monk, the pianist pens “Monkfish” an eerie Monk-like number that recalls the great one.

With Ivester taking on the brushes and the bassist playing soft supporting bass chords, Clendenin withdraws a bit on his beautiful ballad piece “Aleta” while delivering a decidedly smooth jazz textured piece of music on the very nice “Glendonwynne” and ends the session with a somber read to the Wright& Waters standard “Us& Them,” completing one of the finest piano trio recordings to be discovered.

Year: 2009
Label: The Jazz Project
Artist Web: www.darinclendenin.com

- Ejazznews


Darin Clendenin "Revenir"

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Darin Clendenin is recognized as one of the Northwest’s finest pianist and keyboard artists. Fluent in numerous styles of music, his stylish interpretations of everything from old classics to jazz standards, from classical to modern works enchant audiences everywhere. His performances, as well as his arranging and composing talents, are sought after for their artistry as well as their magical innovative mix of styles.
For more information please visit My website at: www.darinclendenin.com