Chicago's unique style of R&B soul music, R&B stepping music. Chicago has it own brand of R&B, which Darius' captures like know one else can. Darius has submitted and is up for a nomination in two catogories in the 48th annual Grammy Awards. The song 2nd Man is the submitted song.



Darius was born in Chicago, Illinois. He started singing at a very young age and has not looked back. Darius expanded his audience in High School
by writing and performing his own music.

During this time Darius entered various talent shows including the Hyatt National Talent Show in which he won five years in a row. Darius performed at the historical Regal Theater. He performed live at the taste of Chicago, the Harold Washington Center. He is currently in a play called, V Holmes “Tribute to the Legends of Motown” where he plays the character Stevie Wonder.

Darius is currently on the soon to be released Compilation CD Chi-Sound Undaground (The Raw) and has inked a deal with D’Luvv Records and is currently in the studio finishing up his debut CD.

Darius contributes love of music, love of life, and love of people as the main contributors to his now success as well as his future successes. Darius says, “ What would this world be without the wonderful gift of song and music. I feel that the joy I bring to people who listen to my music is the least I can do as my part of bringing joy to mankind.” Darius has reached indie Gold in Chicago now it's time to take this show on the road . A tour now is in the works for the UK, Japan, Germany, Norway, France and Canada. The USA tour will kick off in 2006. Darius is fast approaching indie Gold in the UK, Japan, Germany, Norway, France and Canada. Thank all D'Luvv Records Fans. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darius has submitted 2nd Man to the 48th annual Grammy Awards for nonmination for Song of the year and Best new Artist of the year. See you at the Grammy's.


Unconditional Love EP is released. 1. Should I Stay 2. You can't keep running 3. Bounce Bounce 4. 2nd Man 5. Unconditional Love. Solar Radio sky digital ch 879 playlist. Starpoint Satellite Radio ch 913. Sirrus Satelite Radio R&B playlist.

Set List

1. Superstition/Cover
2. I wish/Cover
3. You Can't Keep Running
4. Bounce Bounce
5. That Girl/Cover
6. OverJoy/Cover
7. Should I Stay
8. Unconditional Love
9. 2nd Man
10. Living for the City/Cover

Darius Wyatt performs a 1 Hour Set