Dark Matter Transfer
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Dark Matter Transfer

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Psychedelic


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"Dark Matter Transfer: An Infinite Constellation of Dreams"

Here we are again, fortunate to be at the right place at the right time! Dark Matter Transfer is perhaps the best way to describe this band and their music. Electrons merging with protons to form atoms and other ethereal aggregations are among the ideas that arise when contemplating the sounds of DMT. Three strong musical forces merge together creating a space for improvisational exploration. The level of comfort exuded by the musicians on this album, especially after realizing that it was all performed without any rehearsal, is not only notable but quite impressive! This psychedelic, groove-sailin’, cosmic train trio may send you off into the stars but has its roots well-anchored in a solid background of musical languages and live performances. Joel Davis, Justin Pacuska and Alan Krassowski are the pilots on this ship. Joel played bass for Mars Retrieval Unit, which was known for their ability to become musical chameleons. Joel’s playing with DMT is definitely reflective of his ability to comfortably explore new horizons. As a multi-instrumentalist with an extensive background in jazz and rock, Alan’s certainly no backbeat drummer! Although he can easily play that way, the musical medium created by the trio allows this drummer to also exercise his extensive skills with the authority of a lead man. Justin Pacuska, we know from Garcia Birthday Band. He brings his experience and notable, relaxed improvisational skill to the project and BOOM: we have an “Infinite Constellation of Dreams”! This album opens with a strong psychedelic sound. Extended guitar and bass solos with tight drum accompaniment give us the meat and potatoes of this album. With gradual tempo changes, funky bass and guitar jams, we hear the results of strong musicianship. Again, I can’t emphasize enough how engaging this album is and how well it flows, especially with regard to these musicians just beginning to know and perform with each other. Being a longtime fan of the Grateful Dead, I couldn’t help but notice Justin’s Garcia-esque style of guitar playing. This album, having a rock -n- roll jam sound with some digital enhancement, is sure to be enjoyed by both electronic and jam band music lovers alike. These guys all share familiarity with and have their own personal connections to the abstract. This seems to bring a very unique convergence of sounds and color together with all this potential energy shared through DMT. This album has a very fresh strength! We notice the album taking on a life, seemingly of its own. Chaos transformed into music, delightful and sometimes scary, with flowing rhythms and surprise crescendos, are aspects of the music that I felt, as a cosmic listener, I was being most welcomely catered to. This itself is very much akin to the psychedelic experience. This album takes you over a vast musical landscape. You’ll awake in one genre after being serenaded into a dream state by another! I found myself with mind adrift, contemplative, yet still constantly tapping fingers and toes while I listened. We hear of stories where musicians come together without much rehearsal or foreknowledge of what’s to happen when they create and a certain inexplicable beauty is born. This is one of those stories! While lyrically I felt this album left something to be desired, fans of abstract lyrics (read: Phish fans) may find fulfillment here. Nonetheless, whether enjoying a late night pensive session at home, or drivin’ out on the open road, “An Infinite Constellation Of Dreams” will provide nice enhancement. All throughout this album we’re exposed to music that emits a dreamlike musical ambiance with lyrics that depict abstract imagery. In a two-part tune, “Song of the Ocean,” we are taken on a magical journey where the trio’s musicianship takes full flight. This song comprises the second-largest piece of music on the album. In the largest piece, “Rosenbridge,” the drums get a chance to shine. All the tracks on this album are also substantial in length, so be sure to set aside some time to have a proper listen, as it will surely command your attention. These are all obviously talented musicians, and if this is only the beginning of what we can expect from such a young formation, then look out friends! A psychedelic explosion of music is coming your way. The length of the songs is relative to the arc of the album. Nonetheless, its distinct sound is noted early in the first few tracks. Overall, this album has a great sound and flows very well. With nine tracks, the shortest among the songs is five minutes. This leaves plenty of room for improvisational jams! So dust off them old lava lamps and black lights. Pull out your old black light posters. Burn some candles and incense or maybe head out for a road trip down a forested canyon road. Whatever your pleasure, give this album a try. - Portland Metronome



Dark Matter Transfer was born out of a desire to create a unique sound, harnessing the sacred energy of the cosmos.  Driven by skilled improvisation, three veteran musicians, Joel Davis (Mars Retrieval Unit), Justin Pacuska (Cubensis, Garcia Birthday Band), and Alan Krassowski (Klickitat) crafted an entirely new and extremely powerful sonic signature.  After a year in the studio and the release of their first album - An Infinite Constellation of Dreams - DMT has begun spreading their mystical musical mastery across Portland, OR, stunning audiences with their intricate, kinetic, and melodic jams that bring to mind elements of space-rock, electronic dance music, jam-band, jazz, a little prog (to name a few). Music fans across Oregon and the NW are beginning to take notice, and Dark Matter Transfer has begun receiving amazing opportunities, such as being invited to play the Hootenanny festival at Horning's Hideout for a second straight year, and supporting great acts such as Acorn Project and Medium Troy.

DMT is geared up and ready for a BIG year in 2014. Preparations for a second album are in full swing (due out late summer 2014), the Winnebago is fueled up in anticipation of delighting festival audiences, and a growing team of loyal fans are helping spread the word about the new, unique, intricate and exciting sound that "IS" Dark Matter Transfer.

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