DARKARMA has an infectious sound that electrifies their audience's with their melodic guitar riffs, pounding bass lines, driving drum beats, and screaming vocals,


Darkarma was formed in 2003 in Miami Beach, Florida. The band members are: Giovanni Angel on lead guitar and vocals, Juan Blanco on bass and vocals, and Stephano Angel on drums. They have performed in shows all over South Florida. Darkarma has opened for old school death metal legends "Monstrosity" and a have won first prize in a South Florida Battle of the Bands contest! They have a very dedicated following and are building a fan base overseas because of their popular downloadable online music at My Space.com.
Darkarma's music is an infectious mix of sounds from the new and old school of metal rock. Their influences range from a mixture of Black Sabbath, Children Of Bodom, In Flames, and Black Label Society They are taking melodic death metal to a new level with their progressive arrangements. From their earsplitting vocals and aggressive drumming to their twin guitar harmonies, Darkarma shows versatility and fresh taste in their creative music writing. This is a band of the future!


We have a 5 song demo out now that is being produced by the band themselves. there are tracks on their website.

Set List

we usually play for 30 mins. we do play at lease 1 cover every show, here is our usual set list: 1. Cease To Be, 2. Cover, 3. No Solution, 4. Drum Solo, 5. DarKarma, 6. Rising Sun, 7. Apocalypse.