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"Dark Asylum"

By: Lynda
Sugarbuzz Correspondent; Atlanta, GA

Dec 9, 2005

Their MySpace profile is still on fire from fans and friends bursting in saying what a highlight that show/night had been, and how they are still reeling from the energy.
I, however, have never been a fan of the type of "fucking metal" that Dark Asylum encompasses. I have never understood growling to be an accepted form of "singing". But, it doesn't really matter, because THIS BAND KICKS ASS.
...I constantly found myself slightly bobbing my head...I would stand there mesmerized by the audacity of these youngsters to be so talented they're almost not human (hmm...is that why Spidy is so into Roswell?!). Mostly accredited to my enthralled state of my mind are lead guitarist Ben and drummer Spidy. The speed at which these two are capable of playing their instrument FLAWLESSLY is flooring. It's just not right for guys who haven't even yet peaked into their 20s to be so fucking good that you just want to punch them out of jealousy......if you weren't afraid of getting your ass pounded into the ground afterwards. Honestly, though, everyone in the band is genuinely friendly and (admirably) extremely thankful for their fans... The complexity of this band's songs is spellbinding.. And, although I've already mentioned how roaring doesn't really float my boat, I am extremely impressed by the range that lead singer Byron has-from low murderous bellowing to blood-curdling screams to near beautiful melodic singing.
(How's that for a pull-out quote?) The band played, befittingly, in Hell (a lower nether region of The Masquerade). Of the bands that played that night, they pre-sold the most tickets. The bulk of the crowd conjured like a séance gone awry right before Dark Asylum's set, and the floor all but cleared once they left the stage... the sound guy, although he looked more like he missed the memo that Hootie & the Blowfish were actually not performing that night, did an impeccable job in having the band sound pristine. It was beyond obvious that this is a band that has their shit together, wants to share it with anyone who will listen, and basks in the after glow of post-show glorification that comes in the form of hugs, pats on the back, pedestal-raising words, hand shakes, etc... from anyone who can manage to bust through the crowds surrounding the guys long enough to get their two cents in as well.


- www.sugarbuzzmagazine.com

"Dark Asylum discusses music"

Dark Asylum, Atlanta Based Metal Band, Describes Their Music on YourFindit Interview with Rebecca Firth
by Rebecca Firth

Atlanta, GA 7/25/2008 11:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Dark Asylum, an Atlanta based metal band, has been described as the band that “makes Metallica sound like elevator music.” Formed three years ago by guitarist Hebrew Hammer and drummer Spidy after several collaborative projects, the band continues to develop their music and perform at venues across the country. Band members Rex, Taylor, Hebrew Hammer, Xak and Spidy spoke with Rebecca Firth at YourFindit to discuss what defines their music.

Hear the audio interview on the Dark Asylum YourFindit profile.

Dark Asylum describes their music as hardcore, death and progressive metal. It’s a brutal experience of in your face metal with each song featuring its own influences and feelings. The overall music influences come from old school metal. One band member describes it as Pantera meets Lamb of God.

After three years or working together and filtering through numerous band members, Dark Asylum is confident in their music’s growth. Calling their earlier songs “crap,” they feel that their currnt music is more intense, faster and more mature. They attribute their music’s growth to the various band member’s experiences and influences that “feed and push off of each other.”

With band practices set at a rigorous three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, Dark Asylum shows dedication and commitment to their craft. They have been known to rehearse as much as five times a week before a major event.

On average the band performs anywhere from once to four times a month. Their gigs are deliberately limited to allow ample time to further develop music. Dark Asylum will be performing live at The Atrium in Stone Mountain, Georgia. They will play next at The Vinyl in Atlanta on August 10 before they head out to Columbus, Ohio for a show at Whiskey Dick’s on August 15.

- YourFindit.com


2005 Demo.
2006 full length album "From Death to Inception"

Radio Single: 2006 - Overdose (Dead and Dreaming) spun on Project 96.1's "Project Homegrown" as well as KISS 102.7's "Out of the Garage"



This is the new evolution of metal. Burying the fragments of commercial metal, Dark Asylum resurrects the true meaning of metal with a passion that can only be compared to that of fire for a Phoenix. Their debut album, "From Death...To Inception", is aptly titled for it shows the "rebirth" of contact music. Drawing on inspiration ranging from power and old school metal to the pits of black metal, Dark Asylum is a welcome change to a genre that has become flooded with bands that sound the same. Bringing forth a stage prescence that few rival, the audience will have an audio injected visual etched into their minds. Laying down a rythm section that will keep the mosh pit going and heads bouncing, Spidy and Xak keep the audience in a constant state of motion. The intricate yet connected riffs of Taylor and the Hammer keeps the audience mezmerized while moving. REX's vocals set it all of, for the aggression that's emulated from the growls and screams spark contact among those in the pit. Dark Asylum always keeps themselves available to their fans in every way possible; after a show, before a show, even during the show, giving out phone numbers and email addresses to the very ones that created all the controlled chaos. They enjoy spending time with their fans, for the fans make everything possible. Head over to their website, www.enterthedarkasylum.com, for individual bios and much more.