Dark Asylum

Dark Asylum


We are the new evolution of heavy metal. Dominating instruments along with dominating vocals. We always work the crowd because without the crowd or their participation, it really wouldn't be a show to us. If you see us live, you WON'T leave disappointed.


This is the new evolution of metal. Burying the fragments of commercial metal, Dark Asylum resurrects the true meaning of metal with a passion that can only be compared to that of fire for a Phoenix. Their debut album, "From Death...To Inception", is aptly titled for it shows the "rebirth" of contact music. Drawing on inspiration ranging from power and old school metal to the pits of black metal, Dark Asylum is a welcome change to a genre that has become flooded with bands that sound the same. Bringing forth a stage prescence that few rival, the audience will have an audio injected visual etched into their minds. Laying down a rythm section that will keep the mosh pit going and heads bouncing, Spidy and Xak keep the audience in a constant state of motion. The intricate yet connected riffs of Taylor and the Hammer keeps the audience mezmerized while moving. REX's vocals set it all of, for the aggression that's emulated from the growls and screams spark contact among those in the pit. Dark Asylum always keeps themselves available to their fans in every way possible; after a show, before a show, even during the show, giving out phone numbers and email addresses to the very ones that created all the controlled chaos. They enjoy spending time with their fans, for the fans make everything possible. Head over to their website, www.enterthedarkasylum.com, for individual bios and much more.


2005 Demo.
2006 full length album "From Death to Inception"

Radio Single: 2006 - Overdose (Dead and Dreaming) spun on Project 96.1's "Project Homegrown" as well as KISS 102.7's "Out of the Garage"

Set List

Our typical set is between 30 and 45 min long depending on crowd reaction to the music. Our songs include

Society's Lost
House of Retribution
Standing Trial
Divine Judgment
Overdose (Dead and Dreaming)
Fallen Angel
Hindsight 20/20
Authoritative Dissonance
No Escape
Meaning of Life
Already Dead
The End of Something Beautiful
Glutton for Nothing
Burning Eulogy