Boston's most notorious Punk/Ska band. Great song writing catchy hooks and humorous lyrics make Darkbuster one of Boston's best live acts, add in the occasional horn section and you've got a night to remember.


The band was formed by singer/guitarist Lenny Lashley, drummer Eric Edmonston, and bassist Mike Gurley in 1996 and developed a following around Massachusetts' South Shore area. In 1997 the band recorded a nine-song demo tape, and in 2000 released their debut album, 22 Songs You'll Never Want To Hear Again! The album instantly cemented their reputation in the Boston punk scene, filled with songs about beer, being a loser, and even a few juvenile-but-hilarious potshots at other local bands (and even the group's own members).

That same year the band added a second guitarist, Paul Delanno. In addition, Danny O'Halloran replaced Edmonston as the group's drummer a few months later, and it was this lineup of Lashley, Gurley, Delanno, and O'Halloran which won the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble that year.

In 2001 the band recorded five songs for a split EP with Tommy and the Terrors. The new songs received mixed reviews from the group's fans, some of whom felt that the new songs were "too serious." The Band briefly broke up shortly after.

In 2003 all of the ex-members of the group (including Edmonston) reunited for a few shows, and began recording a new album in 2004, though Delanno left the band shortly before recording commenced. The new album, A Weakness For Spirits, strikes a balance between the more mature subject matter of the split EP and the cheap laughs of the first album, while displaying Lashley's knack for writing concise, catchy punk rock songs to fine effect. Indeed, Darkbuster embodies the concept that "brevity is the soul of wit" since many of the band's funniest songs clock in at under a minute in length.

In May 2005, Lashley injured his left hand in a construction accident at Boston University, leaving him unable to play guitar for several months. The band temporarily brought Amy Griffin (Raging Teens/Avoid One Thing) onboard as a second guitarist. A DVD containing concert footage of Darkbuster and Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys was released shortly after the accident, with proceeds set aside to help Lashley with his medical bills. A 2005 benefit concert featuring both of Lashley's bands performing with guest singers also raised money to help cover his medical bills.

In December 2005 it was announced that Edmonston would again be leaving the band at the end of the year, with Griffin becoming a full member and Lashley returning to guitar duties.

In May 2006 the band signed with I Scream Records.

The band is currently working on its follow up to "A Weakness for Spirits"


Darkbuster-22 Songs You'll Never Want To Hear Again!
Darkbuster vs. Tommy and the Terrors-Split E.P.
Darkbuster-A Weakness For Spirits

Darkbuster-Drink and Fall Over (DVD)

Set List

Our Typical set list is a mix from both '22 Songs You'll Never Want to Hear Again!' and 'A Weakness for Spirits'. We throw the occasional Cock Sparrer Cover and maybe even some tongue in cheek licks from AC/DC