Dark Day

Dark Day


The latest incarnation of Dark Day's sound is best described by the title "Strange Clockwork", multitextural, polyrhythmic, cyclic layers of comicly sinister sound.


Robin Crutchfield, original keyboardist and co-founder of the "no wave" band DNA, who worked with Brian Eno on the "No New York" album back in 1978, left after a year to pursue his own shifting interests with a new project named Dark Day. Called dark wave by some, it has gone through various shifts in sound and personnel including members such as Nina Canal of Ut, Phil Kline from Bang On A Can and Glenn Branca, Steven Brown and Peter Principle from Tuxedomoon, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer of Y'all, and Baltimore bedsit diva Linda Smith. In the mid-to-late 1980's the sound was akin to Moondog, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, or Dead Can Dance for its medieval pagan qualities. However, in the last five years Robin has been composing, arranging and recording all the material himself playing an unusual-sounding variety of midi instruments using catchy pop melodies and odd contrapuntal rhythms in pleasing aural layers of coglike precision.


Hands In The Dark/Invisible Man (7" single on Lust/Unlust; 1979)
Exterminating Angel (lp on Lust/Unlust; 1980)
The Exterminations/Trapped (12" ep on Lust/Unlust; 1981)
Window (lp on Plexus Records; 1982)
Darkest Before Dawn (cd album on Nigh Eve Records; 1989)
Dark Day: Collected 1979-82 (cd compilation album on Daft Records; 1998)
Strange Clockwork (cdr 13-track; 1999)
Loon (cdr 7-track; 2000)
Robin Crutchfield reading from The White Things at Joseph Papp's Public Theater (cdr spoken word; 1981/2001)
The Happy Little Oysters (cdr 10-track; 2002)
r.l.crutchfield's Dark Day-Strange Clockwork (CD 20-track compilation album)

2 tracks from Darkest Before Dawn and Strange Clockwork (1) were used by filmmaker Errol Morris for his Bravo Network TV program First Person in 2000.
Various streaming audio samples are available through the web links at www.dark-day.com