Dark Daze

Dark Daze

 Staten Island, New York, USA

If you want to hear catchy riffs with deep emotional lyrics, why search anywhere else? We've combined the best parts of our favorite groups and transformed them into songs that will change the world.


Dark Daze has been lucky enough to get experience and knowledge that most unsigned bands will never get. Through music five totally unique guys have won over the love of fans, and attention of national acts.
Dark Daze is a 5 piece rock band from New York City, NY. The band consists of Rich (vocals), Sal (vocals), Scott (guitar), Ben (bass), and Brian (drums). The members of Dark Daze have been influenced by some of music‘s biggest acts ranging from classics like the Beatles to today’s biggest band Linkin Park.
Without stopping Dark Daze have been dubbed “The Next Big Thing” by promoters and bands all along the east coast. Dark Daze has fans wrapped around the entire country.
Playing at the biggest and best clubs and festivals have given Dark Daze the opportunity to perform with some of rocks best bands. Dark Daze have played at the legendary CBGBs in NYC, and at the annual Locobazooka festival in Massachusetts, New Jersey’s best rock club: Starland Ballroom. DaRk DaZe was also accepted to play the New York International Music Fest 2004 which was held at Village East Theatre in NYC.
Dark Daze has shared the stage of many of today’s biggest rock acts including: Staind, 3 Days Grace, Smile Empty Soul, Sevendust and many others.
Even in the early years, Dark Daze was able to impress. In 2002, Dark Daze entered into a battle of the bands eventually ending in the top 5 in the finals. The battle started with 50+ bands and lasted five rounds.
In spring 2004, Dirtbag Clothing started sponsoring Dark Daze, who also sponsors pro skaters and other rock bands including recording artist Slipknot.



Written By: S. Vollweiler

Like it or not
we're not the same anymore
We changed the way were
the way we were before
The time is now
but i dont know how
the past is in my head
But the past is dead

Confusion sets in
I dont know where I fit in
(With all the shit in my head)
Why would you want me with all my Insecurites
Im confused, so confusion With all the shit in my head
You've come true, With everything you said

I thought that we could start all over again
Relationships can be so hard
But they're worth in the end
Set my head straight
cuz i hate to wait
Come show me the way
Show me the way

You want me to be
Something ill never be

Bad Boy

Written By: S. Vollweiler

will you take me for who I am
or dump me for something i cannot be
are you over the type that will hit you all night
why love, when being in love and being in pain is the same

will you go for the bad boy, bad boy
use him as your sex toy, sex toy
instead of going with the good guy, good guy
all I heard was good bye. good bye

would you rather be spoiled or rather be hurt
make him feel so special while I wallow in the dirt
i guess you loved to fight then cry all night
why love, when being in love and being in pain is the same


Double D's EP: 2002
BLue Moon EP: 2002
Never Look Back EP: 2004
A thin Line Between Love and Hate: to be released 2005

Many songs from our cds have been played on college radio and our music has been streamed on XM RADIO, and Clear Channel's Unsigned artist section.

Set List

Our normal set list is:
Wake Up
4 You
Bad Boy
A thin line between love and hate
Screamin at myself
Our Average set is about 30 minutes and usually play around 6-7 songs. We are constantly writing new music and testing them out in front of the crowd.