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Band Metal Gothic


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LP's: "Das Gift" (Danse Macabre/AL!VE) - Feb. 2009



“We are simply looking to take over the world, nothing else!“ says Simon Sanchez when being asked what he wants to achieve with his band “DARK DIAMONDS” in future. He takes a smoke and blows it into a white neon lamp which floods the studio with bright light.

Being not only the drummer, but also the producer of the band, he is absolutely serious about his statement. He keeps a straight face as if he wanted to say: “What else?“

The Dark Diamonds' musical spectrum is so extensive that one is almost at a loss for words to describe their sound. It would be too simple to classify them as “Gothic” or “Dark Wave” as that would not cover the band’s sound. Their favourite music in their iPods speaks for itself: bands and performers such as E Nomine, Lacrimosa, Nina Hagen, Rammstein, Jean-Michel Jarre, Diary of Dreams, Faith & The Muse, Beatles, Mötley Crüe, The Cycle, Beyond The Maze, Dreadful Shadows, Type O Negative, lots of Techno and Classical can be found there. Sometimes their music is romantic and vulnerable, at other times it is tough and destructive. At still other times the melody is clear and catchy - only to drift off into experimental and gloomy sound patterns which end in romantic, epochal ballads that not only give you goosebumps but also create an endless flow of pictures in your head.

Take a gloomy awareness of life, electronic sounds, tough guitars, a charismatic manly and dominant voice, and pair it with gentle, vulnerable singing, add thunderous drums and you will get a basic idea of the Dark Diamonds’ music. “Close your eyes,” says Tyrae, “and imagine you take the light and travel into darkness by yourself. We have the matching soundtrack for that.“