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Dark empire recordings llc

Founded in 1998, and officially established as an American limited liability company in 2007, Dark Empire Recordings is rapidly becoming the next stage in the evolution of entertainment. Initially DE was a small circle of individuals whom were brought together by the US Navy after each of them were stationed at NAF Atsugi Japan. Originally calling themselves the Dead Ringaz Clique, these original members only saw themselves as a rap group hoping for a recording contract. It wasn’t until April ’98 that they began seeing themselves potentially as something bigger. They began to consider themselves Industry Pirates due to their distaste for mainstream music assuming that a traditional label would never sign them because they lacked a commercial sound. They saw main stream hip hop as the bad guys and they felt the need to over take the evil or dark empire of sorts. This philosophy led to the official name change to Industry Pirates of the Dark Empire, believing that they would operate independent of mainstream practices and ultimately supersede it thus becoming the empire. As time passed and members joined as well left the group, the name was truncated to Dark Empire or DE for short. They did several performances between the years of 1998-2001 at venues such as Club Heaven (now known as Bayside) Bay Hall, and Logos, and were well known primarily by their Navy companions at NAF Atsugi. 2002 would mark the last time the original DE performed together and by fall 2003 all original members were gone from Japan

Stateside DE

Several of the original members resurfaced in San Diego California in 2004, but the union was short lived as many of them had begun their own ventures or started families. It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 that DE would materialize productively, as the brand was officially registered out of Dover Delaware August 27th 2007. Now a legitimate company DE began to produce tracks and distribute them online through Soundclick. This would mark the first time DE used a medium for their music outside of performing. At this time DE comprised of only two of the original members, but even then they would finally split in 2009.

Return of the Rising Sons

After nearly a decade Dark Empire Recordings resurfaced in the Ayase Shi area of Japan with new members, and a new objective. Originally DE consisted of several individuals whom performed primarily as a hobby. The new and current DE has now evolved into a guild of creative minds with the united goal to revolutionize the current music industry as one force. No longer settling for the identity of pirates, DE now sees themselves as an independent state or “Sovereign Nation”. Their music now carries a potent message that strays completely away from the subject matter and concepts of their professional counterparts. DE professes Humanity, Morality, and Unity, three principles that the current American music industry are missing. More specifically DE aims to serve as direct ambassadors to the citizens of Japan, giving its host nation their own personal American Hip Hop entertainment company, as opposed to waiting for quality American hip hop to be imported. In exchange Dark Empire Recordings has also become the optimum haven for Sailors who seek to relieve their stress positively as they transfer their negative emotions into art. This concept can be best compared to the emergence of the Zulu Nation in the early eighties. Ultimately the goal of DE is to interject and reinforce good moral practice, and enriched understanding to each of its potential fans. Showing the world a family, a concept that today is becoming evermore priceless.

Current Members of Dark Empire Recordings LLC

Black Hart (founder)

Raw Deal



Mic Author


Tommy P.R.A.Y.