Doug McChesney

Doug McChesney


Solo artist Doug McChesney will touch your heart with his latest song "Mama's Baby".


I'm Doug McChesney, a singer/songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota, looking for a break just like everyone else in this biz. Former frontman and lead singer/songwriter with "Brainfog"(which you can find on iTunes and Rhapsody), I am now doing an acoustic project called Darkestwater..enjoy.


Brainfog- "Music for the Head" 14 song demo
Darkestwater project found at;
where you will find "Become One", and my latest single, "Mama's Baby". Many more demo songs done that are waiting for the studio...

Set List

Right now I have enough original material to cover at least a half hour slot anywhere.
Become One
Mamas Baby
What today brings
Deep depression
Believe in Something
Tropical Vacation
Do you know