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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Record Release"

DARK FOG The genre these locals inhabit is less shoegazer and more steel-toed-bootgazer: it's solipsistic, brooding, and perpetually entranced with itself, sure, but also heavy enough to hurt you if you make an issue out of it. Combining My Bloody Hawkwind guitar scree and Ozzyish, vaguely chant-based moaning with the occasional flash of theremin uplift, it's gorgeous stuff--and though its inner logic is triplike, it holds up upon recollection. Tonight's show is a release party for The Ultimate Cult of Psychedelic Psychosis (Original Sound Recordings), a title that convinced me they put all their mental energy into their music. The Rories headline; Plastic Crimewave Sound and Hands of Hydra open. - Chicago Reader

"Record Release 2"

Dark Fog's upcoming release, The Ultimate Cult of Psychedelic Psychosis, is a mind-bender that should give local reighning psych rock masters Plastic Crimewave some compitition. Dark Fog has a heavier edge that offsets its space-rock tendencies; fans of early metal like Blue Cheer will probably find somethign to like here.-James Porter - TimeOut Chicago


s/t 7"
Cosmic Tone EP
The Ultimate Cult of Psychedelic Psychosis LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


It was some where in my third year of exile from Chicago. I had been banished for sonic treason and rhythmic homicide. I started anew and had changed my name to Yt. I was traveling about from rural area to rural area biding my time for my near eminent return. Out in the Midwestern wilderness among the long black skies and vast open ended space, a screaming came across the sky followed by flashes of blinding bright light and harmonic screams that sliced through the air. Then there was a deafening silence accompanied by an eerie glow not far off in the distance. I tracked the glow by foot and arrived at what was a crash scene. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the small craft that looked less like an alien spacecraft than a small homemade flying device. It had Victorian area design and architecture. As I neared the craft the door swung open and light and sound ripped through the night area. Out stepped a spare bodied individual dressed in slivery pants and a strange head covering. I tried to make verbal contact with him, but to no avail. His words were only sounds, notes and harmonics. He motioned to me to enter his ship, and after some reluctance, I entered. In his ship were several gadgets to produce intense unimaginable sounds. He the proceeded to hook up a small helmet he placed it on my head. After which I began to understand some of what it was that the stranger was saying. This helmet was some type of translator; however, it wasn’t able to translate 100% of what was being ‘said’ and the stranger had apologized for that. I managed to discern that his name was Ray. He was not from outer space but from some other time or dimension. (This wasn’t particularly clear.) After some simple chatter on where he was and who I was, I suggested that we travel to my long time friend and noted musical scientist whose specialty was in the electrikal and other worldly vibrations. The stranger consented to the trip. I decided it was time to end my exile and return to the ‘scene of the crime’.

The stranger’s craft was badly damaged and was in no shape for traveling so we took my bike and headed north. We arrived a day later at the home the nationally famous scientist, Dr. Huge (a.k.a. Kevin Walsh). Although at the time he could not use his real name due to previous criminal allegations, the very same ones for which I was convicted. Ray stayed with Dr. Huge for several weeks and Huge began to decipher the patterns to understanding the way the Ray talked and conversely Ray began to pick up on the English language. Although this is still vague, Ray claims have come from the not too distant past, and had discovered ways of tapping in to unknown waves and vibrations hidden in the astral plane. Through these waves he could travel through time, dimensions, and space. However, something went drastically wrong on his last trip and he had lost all recollections of normal speech and his previous memories became unclear. He could not remember how to harness the astral plane and could only say that he had lost his way. One afternoon we had discovered a hidden talent of the stranger, he was could play guitar like no one we had ever heard. Blistering solos, insane rhythms and comforting melodic sounds. Kevin being a top flight engineer and guitarist joined in and began to follow the lead of the stranger. They were producing living, breathing compositions with the likes that I had never heard. (Not to mention banned by the current administration under the rules of the Clean Air Act Part II. Under section 2 of CAAPII they had outlawed all music unapproved by the proper sound commissioners stationed across the country.) After some reluctance I joined their session adding rhythm blasts and semblance to the fracas. We continued for several weeks to jam together in this fashion. We lacked one key element, a low-end presence on bass. A timekeeper if you will. Over time Huge began to record the sessions. We still waited for a bass player to come forward. One day during a break in the sonic action Dr. Huge answered the door to find a tall, slender red haired woman out front asking to use the phone. Apparently her car and broken down and she was in need of assistance. As the young lady made her way in Huge’s home, Ray was descending down the stairs and immediately upon seeing her, declared that she was the one. He said as it was written in the Book of Psychedelic Psychosis, “the brazen haired one shall come forward to complete the circle and formation. Then all will be complete.” The young woman perplexed asked what was going on and we tried to explain as much as we could, although even we had no idea what the book of Psychedelic Psychosis was. At first she didn’t believe, until we asked if she could play bass and she said that she could. She slowly began to become convinced that this was not a chance meeting but a meeting that could only have been arranged by the fates.

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