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The best kept secret in music


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Demonic Rebirth-1999
Crimson Skies Over a Mountain of Death-2000
Crawling Through the Remains of Angel Wings-2004
Self Mutilation...Suicide-2005
Kill Yourself (compilation demo disc)-2007
The Only Viable Path E.P.-2007
As of yet untitled fully leagth-2008


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Death and sex. That about sums it up nicely"
-S.M. when asked about what Dark Grave brings to the metal scene.

While it may seem like only a joke,one look deeper into the elements that make up what Dark Grave truly is and it makes all the sense in the world.
We would like to present you with Dark Grave,a force different than most all that one will come across in the black/thrash/death "scene". Boots firmly placed in the realm of extreme metal from day one,Dark Grave emerged on the world in 1999,churning forth there first effort "Demonic Rebirth" that year. Crude to be sure,but as vile as anything any had heard.

"We totally flew by the skin of our teeth there"
-S.M. when asked to describe Dark Grave's second demo

With a fresh line-up,Dark Grave set forth to record what would turn out to be the demo that put then in the public eye. "Crimson Skies Over a Mountain of Death" showed the first true elements of what Dark Grave would become. The intensity,the over the top attitude,and all other things began to show the world the audio snarl that was forthcoming. Presenting a band that,without a shadow of a doubt,was clearly not concerned with fitting anyone ideas of what they should be doing. And since their first real show,once they burst onto the live scene,just happened to be on the main stage of a multi-thousand capacity arena,controversy aside,the sentiment was well recieved.

Through the years while getting everything primed and ready for what is now coming to fruition,many shows were played and stages conquered. Demos were released,from the "black n roll" battery of "Crawling Through the Remains of Angel Wings" to the simply titled,guttural and black as pitch "Kill Yourself" one thing and motto and has maintained throughout time: Push each note,each solo,each song,each recording as far as it'll go. Now with the impending release of the "The Only Viable Path" E.P. as well as the yet untitled full-length and coming tours,Dark Grave is here to stay and show each listener their amped up,specialized version of extreme metal. As for what to call it...

"We've been called everything. Call it black/thrash,call it black n roll,called blacken death/thrash,call it polka. It doesn't really matter. We're going to keep playing this music,this art,for as long as well can.We're the quintessential extreme metal vampires.we'll leave the titles to you."

Death and sex indeed...